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◣ Media ◢

Here will be the assorted fictional documents, photos, and the like from the Vatheon world that will come up as the plot progresses. They'll all be sorted out by dates for your convenience.

7/6/2010 -- First Documents

Matthew sneaked into the church, being the first one to do so. Alpha and Thalassino discuss what he stole. Below are the contents.

PG. 4/24

and thus it is clear that measures need be taken to defend against this outer threat.

Lacertosis is showing signs of arms building, in particular of large, land-based weaponry such as 2A42 30 mm autocannons and K6 120 mm mortars. Full list follows on page 5.

While the conflict has yet to encroach upon even Saepe territory, and thus not anywhere near even the outskirts of Fasest, it is of a high enough concern that countermeasures have begun to be taken. These countermeasures shall be expanded upon beginning on page 10.

Currently, the alliances of this conflict are still in question, for Volvigavus appears to once again have changed which country it supports. The effect this shall have on the conflict still remains unclear, for though Volvigavus possesses considerable influence due to its agricultural strength and variety, it does not possess much influence in terms of conflict and of arms.

It is doubtful that the country shall have much influence upon the conflict as of yet, though if it stretches to be a longer, bloodier conflict, or even a war, this may change depending on the territory taken and/or exchanged.

Of further concern is the influence of Lacertosis, for her arms are known for quality, and the signs of arms building do not seem likely to be a good omen. If she remains neutral, the conflict may remain level, but if she displays a bias towards one side, there may be reason for concern.

Currently, the conflict has been costly for both sides (see figures on page 2), though with population and army sides taken into account, it is difficult to predict where it shall go.

Fasest has, of course, been entirely neutral throughout the conflict, and it is within our best interests to continue to do so. Technologically, while our weaponry would prove superior, a war would be devastating and possibly deadly, as Fasest’s land area remains at 2,532 km2 even with possessions in the Mareano Ocean taken into consideration. A prolonged siege would be deadly unless other measures are proven successful (see page 14).

The foreign advisor requests that the council carefully inspects the enclosed materials before reaching a decision on what to do with the ultimatum proposed by Herzog; besides which, the pride of Fasest demands that we do not cave to outside pressure, despite the threats offered.

However, this remains a delicate situation, and were it to grow worse, it is possible that diplomacy shall not be enough to deal with the situation. It is important to recall the incident of 211 S, for history may teach important lessons for situations such as this, and

PG. 12/24

and there is nothing to state that this is not correct. The residents have been quite adaptable despite the drawbacks occurring every fortnight. It is my belief, and the same for my colleagues, that an increase in the Sors surrounding the community will help to lower this.


  • Weather (Confirmed.)

  • Unrest (Possible, mediator observing)

  • A possible discharge from the Sors (ex. 4/19)

  • An increase in Psychonautics

  • Rebellion

  • Murder

These are just a few of the many examples. As of 5/23 there has been some concerns over the revival of the community and of course, this is unsettling. If word of Project #877 got out to the community, we predict problems would arise. I, myself, as the mediator am taking precautions to not have this discovered, despite the antagonistic side I present. The community is not taking well to lack of response from the Head Priestess, as am I. Humans – despite the nature of some of our residents – will begin to grow restless with lack of authority. I predict soon they will remedy this in their own circles and pick a “leader” of sorts. I have heard talk of this through the network.

I also would like to present my fears to the Fasest concerning our current political state. If word of this turmoil is spread down into the community, it would cause fear. I urge you once more to limit who you send and heavily disagree with the choice for the community to host refugees. The Fasest and myself must agree on the fact that Sors can only do so much.

We have begun Project #1076 on the residents and are so far approving the results. They seem to be growing stronger and healthier, despite the weakness from the coral. Some residents have tried to experiment on said coral, but natives and my colleagues have been able to deter this. Soon, I expect, that will not be enough.

The growing number of residents in the community is very good! The Sors around the community is growing stronger with each new resident. Some disappearances have been reported but also taken care of by my colleagues. I am looking forward to what will become of the community.

( The rest of the paper seems to be ripped from here on out. )

8/12/2012 -- Laboratory Documents

The following are documents that were discovered in the abandoned research facility after the barrier surrounding it was crashed into. Subsequent decoded documents from this facility can be found here.

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