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◣ Application ◢


Applications will always be open from the 22nd until the end of the month, 12:00am EST.

Please note that as of July 28th, Vatheon will start working towards end game.

August 31st is the last day for applying. We will no longer open applications after that. Thank you for your consideration.

» Please make sure that you read the rules, and check the reserves before applying. People who do not read the rules will be rejected immediately.

» You are allowed to apply for two characters per application cycle. You may also reserve two characters. We will try to review each application as soon as possible. If longer than a week has passed and you have not heard back anything about your application, please drop us a message.

» Don't lie in your application. Don't copy / paste things from wiki. Keep what you post in your application strictly you. Sure, it's hard to add your own flair to writing history or a personality, but try to keep from summarizing too much. Show us your shine! Plagiarizing another player's application is ground for an immediate rejection.

» If someone has a reserve for a character, and you want to apply for them, you have the choice of either A) challenging the application with one of your own or B) waiting until the reserve expires and then applying/reserving as the character. If you challenge the original reserver, your application will not be reviewed until the original reserver has submitted theirs.

» Currently, the character limit is five characters. Any more is up to the mods, and must be discussed ahead of time with them. You may only apply for two characters from the same canon.

» Keep spamming to a minimum on the applications. Wait until that person is accepted into the game before holding out a conversation on a thread. Comment spamming here makes things cluttered, and a mod may accidentally miss something important. ( But feel free to comment-spam the Reserve page, if you'd like. )

» Please don't skip over any section of the application below.

» Please finish your application before posting. We reserve the right to decline any applications that are still unfinished when we process them.

» When reviewing applications, we take opinions of our members into consideration. If you would like to make a comment about an app that is being decided upon, do not hesitate. Here is where you can leave a comment with what you thought of another app. All comments will be screened for privacy, and the option to be anon will be left on. Do note, player opinions do not decide if an application is accepted or not, but will be taken into consideration.

☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : A nickname will work. Whatever you would like to be listed as.
( Personal DW ) : Not your character's journal. Your own, just in case one of the mods ever needs to contact you that way.
( Age ) : No players under the age of 15, please!
( Timezone ) : Just for reference sake!
( Other Characters ) : At Vatheon, that is. Please list in the following format.
Character ( Character's Journal ) | Series

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) :
( Character's Age ) : There is no set age limit for the characters, and in fact, this is very flexible. So long as your character is mature enough to take care of him or herself and is mature enough for the game, they can be apped! As a basic guideline, think the maturity of someone around the age of 13 or so.
( Series ) :
( Canon Point ) : What part of the story of the series is your character coming in after? Did he or she just die? Did something traumatic just happen? Is it near the end, the beginning, or the middle? Tell us!
( Playability ) : If you are apping your second person for a particular canon, please give us a quick reasoning on why the characters would not be extensively interacting/how you are planning to avoid any playercest issues. If you are not apping from a canon you already play in, please disregard this section.

( History ) : You may provide us with a link to a wiki-page, or something else that will sufficiently give the Community and the mods background on your canon. If you wish to write out the history yourself, you still may do such.

( Personality ) : Probably the most important part of the application! Tell us what your character is like. We're looking for a well-developed analysis of the character. Perhaps between three to five paragraphs, roughly. Feel free to do more or less, however, if you think that better suits you. Most applications will be closer to the three than the five, and that's completely okay!

Just make sure to hit on crucial aspects of that character. What does he or she like? What does he or she hate? What are his or her motives? What parts of your character's past influenced how they are? Does your character act differently in front of different groups of people? Think of these questions as you write. Feel free to go off the page and focus on other questions. The above questions were just to get you thinking.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) : So tell us! What can your character do well? What is your character weak against? Any cool spells? Good at picking locks? Anything you can think of, put it here.

( Other Important Facts ) : Have something else important to mention about your character that doesn't really fit in anywhere else? Be sure to include it here!

( Sample ) : This can be in first person or third person. There's no limit to your sample post. Just be sure to include your character's voice. Don't just write your character walking around! Be sure to include thoughts, quirks, and anything else that shows us you know your character. How would he or she react to the mark? How would he or she react to waking up some place new? Is he or she still brooding over something? The sample does not have to be set in Vatheon. You may also link to other roleplay threads; just be sure to give us something that shows how you plan to play them and clearly shows their voice! Or feel free to do a few of the above. Whatever you think will best show your characterization.

Please note! If you are linking samples, please make sure that at least one sample is from within the last three months. You are still free to link other samples that are older in addition, if you feel these would help show your ability to play the character, but at least one sample needs to be recent. Thank you.

If you are unable to think of a good starting point for a sample, we collected some prompts of situations that are pretty likely to happen within Vatheon to start you off. You are very welcome to deviate from these prompts or come up with something completely new. This is just something to hopefully help you get started:

A new curse has settled upon the city of Vatheon: Suddenly you character realizes they are unable to lie for the duration of a week. How do they react?

What is this? Is that rain? How nice-- wait a minute, is it raining rubber duckies? Seriously?

Suddenly, by the force of Vatheon, an over zealous npc, or even your character's friends playing a joke, your character suddenly finds themselves wearing clothes they otherwise would never wear. What do?

The city of Vatheon is under attack (again). Giant sea-creatures are wrecking the city (again). Time to prepare for battle.

A new plot development has happened and your character has decided to get some more information from one of the NPCs. How do they proceed?

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) : Tell us here!


☆ ☆ ☆

GETTING STARTED: premiserulestakenreservesapplications
GAME INFO: faqthe citythe islandnostalgia nookwelcome brochureinformation database
OOC INFO: mod contactplayer contactdroppinghiatusresidency


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Brooklyn | Gargoyles

[personal profile] dotthedisconnect 2012-09-22 04:03 am (UTC)(link)

☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Aspen
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] radio_aspen
( Age ) : 22
( Timezone ) : Eastern
( Other Characters ) : Tech E. Coyote | ([personal profile] dotthedisconnect) | Loonatics Unleashed

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Brooklyn
( Character's Age ) : 36 (developmentally 18 in human terms) or 1036, depending on how you look at it.
( Series ) : Gargoyles
( Canon Point ) : Shortly following Brooklyn’s promotion to second-in-command of the Manhattan Clan (episode 31)
( Playability ) : n/a

( History ) :

( Personality ) :
Due to his (relative) youth and extended isolation from society, Brooklyn is terribly curious. He is interested in every aspect of the modern world, from culture to books to history, and even entertainment. He was gullible after first awakening, but this has lessened to some extent.

These traits stem more from his predicament as an outsider thrown into the modern world. As far as his actual personality, Brooklyn is caught in an interesting place between youth and adulthood. He can be impetuous, maybe a little cocky, and he makes mistakes, but he’s the most level-headed of the gargoyles he hatched with. He wants to prove himself as a capable individual, but he’s not above having a good time while doing it. Furthermore, At least some of his interest in the modern world comes from his belief in the need for his kind to adapt. Whatever his feelings for the “old ways,” he’s willing to put them aside when they seem counter productive.

In most cases, Brooklyn is the type to think before acting. He’s intelligent, he tries to be well-learned, and he has a natural penchant for strategy. Often, he acts as the voice of reason. The other side of this is that he can come across as detached, and not condescending so much as sardonic. Which is not to say that he isn’t friendly, but he has his moments. That, combined with a dry and sarcastic sense of humor.

This composure of his is far from perfect, however. If something manages to set him off, Brooklyn will throw caution (and any active plan) to the wind. He is aware of this problem, and it’s not something he’s proud of. In fact, he’s been known to empathetically speak against the trait when he sees it in others. Thankfully, it takes a lot to get under Brooklyn’s skin. He is somewhat sensitive about his appearance, but such jabs are more of an annoyance than something that enrages him.

Like most gargoyles, Brooklyn has a very protective nature. He values friends and family above most everything else, and he’s not too ashamed to admit it. His assistance isn’t limited just to these groups. Forbidding a strong reason not to do so, he will help anyone in need.

Also inherent to the gargoyle race is a proud warrior nature. Brooklyn is no stranger to combat, and militant discipline (when it’s needed). While he’s not fond of killing, it’s not something he would necessarily lose sleep over.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
Gargoyles possess a number of natural weapons. Being nocturnal creatures, it comes as no surprise that they have excellent night vision. Their eyes are also capable of producing a bright glow. They have tougher skin and are typically much stronger than humans, although Brooklyn would be considered average for a gargoyle in this area. Their wings are not intended for flight, but they can glide very effectively, and are quite maneuverable in the air (and on foot, for that matter). They do not have fingers so much as claws or talons, and these are powerful enough to penetrate stone and some metals. Lastly, their tails function essentially as a fifth limb, being both powerful and tractable.

Brooklyn is a trained warrior. He understands combat and has been involved in more than his share. He is also a gifted tactician, a trait related to both his perceptiveness and ability to improvise.

Turning to stone during the day (referred to as sleeping) is as much a benefit as it is a curse, as it allows gargoyles to gather the amount of energy they need to survive (supplemented by the usual means; food, etc), as well as heal most injuries. However, they are completely helpless and vulnerable during the process.

Aside from that, Brooklyn’s biggest weakness is his own impulsiveness. It’s not exactly standard behavior, but certain things will trigger it, including but not limited to: anger, curiosity, and yes, even passion.

( Other Important Facts ) :
Within the bubble, the influence of sunlight will not be strong enough to trigger Brooklyn’s transformation, meaning he can be active at all hours. However, he will need to return to the island to rest during the day on a somewhat regular basis.

( Sample ) :
Third person log

Edited 2012-09-22 19:15 (UTC)
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John Egbert | Homestuck | Reserved (1/2)

[personal profile] robokatar 2012-09-22 04:07 am (UTC)(link)

☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Katar
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] robokatar
( Age ) : 22
( Timezone ) : US Central (GMT +6)
( Other Characters ) : None

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : John Egbert
( Character's Age ) : 13
( Series ) : Homestuck
( Canon Point ) : Act 6 Intermission 1, right after lobbing the bucket
( Playability ) : n/a

( History ) :
Homestuck on the MSPAwiki.

( Personality ) :
Like any number of teenaged protagonists in tales of fun and friendship, John Egbert is a quirky, fun-loving boy with a heart of gold. He has a fondness for pranks, magic tricks, terrible movies, and paranormal lore, though a rather intense dislike of baked goods. Specifically those bearing the Red Spoon of the Batterwitch (Betty Crocker) on their boxes. Overall, he tends to walk the path of the "nice guy" and can be described as easy going, agreeable, and more than just a little bit goofy. While at times he can say insensitive things, this is more due to his shortcomings in the concept of "thinking before you speak" than pure nastiness. In addition, like any normal person, if you push him enough he will drop the nice guy demeanor. Mostly this involves a bit of snark and blocking you on pesterchum.

Perhaps two of his most defining and best traits are his stalwart and nigh unbreakable optimism and his emotional fortitude. John is constantly looking for the silver lining in even the most hopeless of situations and he won't give up until he finds it. Even if he has to go through a hundred stupid ideas first, eventually he will figure something out. He is a seemingly endless fount of good cheer and positivity for those around him (save for the people who piss him off, like the trolls initially). Though he is an emotionally open character, John tries not to let his emotions get the better of him or let them interfere with what needs to be done. The best example of this is when he is faced with the deaths of his sister/best friend Jade’s dreamself and his father. Though he was clearly upset by both losses, he was able to put his grief on hold for the greater good. Admittedly this is truer of his father’s death than of Jade’s dreamself, as he DID have a private moment of grief over Jade. He was just interrupted in the middle of it by a madman who wanted to kill him. After that same madman killed his father and another of his best friends (Rose), John had more important things to do (kissing Rose back to life, starting the scratch, escaping his doomed session, you know...just trying to keep existing, same old same old.) than to sit down and cry about it. This isn’t to say that he is an emotionally hardened badass, incapable of feeling anything; it’s just that after spending some time playing SBURB, John has a relatively good handle on his emotions, especially for a thirteen year old and especially in comparison to some of the his friends.

While John is not the most intelligent character in the series (but by no means stupid), he is undoubtedly one of the most inventive and resourceful. After reading about a magic trick involving marking cards with a hole-punch, he realized that the trick could be adapted and used with SBURB’s punch card-based alchemy system. From there, he is able to mostly crack the binary cipher behind the system and fully utilize it to create a variety of items to help him on his journey. He even figured out how to do simple item subtractions (he managed to "subtract" clown doodles from a movie poster, but was unable to remove a flower pot, violin, and cinderblock from a jetpack). When he creates a hammer to large and heavy for him to pick up, let alone wield, he creates a Remote Control Ghost Gauntlet which allows him to use it. Immediately after making said gauntlet, he realizes that if he combines it with a mirror, he can make one for the other hand too. Because why the hell not? Later on, John is tasked with retrieving a bomb out of the core of a planet; however he does not have nearly enough time to find the entrance leading to said core. His solution is to drill through the planet with a giant tornado, which he creates with his control of the wind.

In addition to being incredibly positive and inventive, John is also a very friendly individual. He places great importance on friendship and even goes as far to remind his teammates that he is not their leader, but rather their friend. And there is a HUGE difference between the two. He is a very good listener and despite being an oblivious goof, has the uncanny ability to see through the fronts his friends sometimes put up and tell or give them exactly what they need. As stated previously, John has his moments where he can be pretty unkind and nasty, but it takes quite a bit to push him to that point. The trolls provide the best example of this. When we first see John talk to a Karkat, he is far from kind to the grey-texted alien. But when we consider the fact that all four of the trolls antagonized John AND his best friends for months before the game even began (meaning the four kids had no clue as to why they were being tormented in the first place) it is not all that hard to see why he was less than happy to hear from them again. Especially considering the fact that John thought he had ditched them by switching his messaging handle. But under normal circumstances, he is very warm and accepting of people (though he will throw in the occasional sarcastic quip or teasing jab). He trusts and accepts a person until given a reason not to and even then he sometimes continues to trust and accept anyway, evidence to the contrary be damned.

And this leads us to of John’s biggest shortcomings: he is trusting to a fault and too naïve for his own good. Following advice from dubious sources has gotten him killed on two separate occasions to date. For example, when Terezi tells him to go face his denizen after only being in the game for a few hours, John goes right along with it despite the fact that this is clearly not only a bad idea, but a downright stupid one. John is not at all new to video games and should have known that fighting a creature that was, at the very least, a miniboss (if not a final boss) at his meager level could only end in failure, even if the creature in question was supposedly asleep (spoilers: he wasn’t). Despite the fact that both this death and the second one at the hands of Vriska ended up being beneficial (to either the timeline in general or John himself), the fact still remains that listening to internet trolls is never a good idea. Especially when the trolls in question have either threatened to kill you or flat-out told you they were going to kill you months before actually going through with it.

In this same vein, John can also be quite passive, though not in the pathetic, backbone-less sense. It’s more that he has the tendency to do things (or at the very least, consider doing them) simply because someone tells him to, despite how little sense the command may make, how dangerous it is, or how dubious the source. In addition to this passivity, John is also not the patient type. Whenever he ends up having to wait for something to arrive or happen, John has the tendency to get somewhat upset and rather irate. This also holds true for when information is being withheld from him, as evident by his conversations with Nannasprite (his ghostly spirit guide through the Medium made from a harlequin doll and his grandmother’s ashes). Tied closely to this is John’s laziness. This is especially evident early on in canon, when John would rather have Rose throw refrigerators at enemies than get up and fight them himself.

John's tendency not to think things through before acting on them is an unfortunate aspect of his that often causes people to consider him unintelligent despite evidence to the contrary. Predictably, this can get him into lots of trouble, such as the aforementioned example with Terezi. Another example of this occurs when Karkat informs John that in order to defeat Jack Noir, either Dave or Rose is going to have to die. John’s immediate reaction is to suggest that he go on the suicide mission instead because he is "apparently immortal, because of this god tier business, so the bomb probably would not kill [him]!" However, as Karkat is quick to point out, John’s immortality is only conditional and maybe, just maybe, a suicide mission to save the entire world would count as heroic (one of only two ways in which to kill a God Tier character like John). Obviously, Karkat prevents him from actually going through with it, but if he (or someone else) hadn’t pointed out how dumb it was, John likely would have gone through with it in order to save Dave and/or Rose.

Last but not least, John has a stubborn streak a mile wide though this isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s more like a double edged sword. On the one hand, if he were not a stubborn individual, he would not so doggedly pursue the best possible outcome in every situation. Stubbornness and nigh unbreakable optimism go hand-in-hand, after all. But on the other, once he gets an idea into his head, he will just as doggedly pursue it even if it's a bad one. Even if presented with evidence to the contrary, John will still attempt to go through with a potentially bad idea. The best example of this is when Dave and Future Dave try to tell him not to listen to Terezi’s advice and blast off into space and get himself killed like a doofus. It wasn’t until he remembered Dave’s birthday letter (mere feet away from the final gate that would lead him to his denizen and his death) that he changed his mind and listened to his friend, saving both himself and the alpha timeline in the process.
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John Egbert | Homestuck | Reserved (2/2)

[personal profile] robokatar 2012-09-22 04:08 am (UTC)(link)

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
+ GOD TIER ABILITIES: By dying on his quest bed, John was able to merge with his dreamself and ascend to what are known as the God Tiers, which are kind of like super levels above the normal ladder that all players climb during their progress in SBURB. There are only two ways of reaching these levesl and as such, it’s not something that every player manages to do. But the ones that do become literal gods and get some crazy powers for their trouble, including:
1: Conditional Immortality: the player can only be killed if the death is considered just or heroic. I won’t go into more detail beyond that since the Lamufao nixes this.
2: Flight: This should be self explanatory.
3: Control over Aspect: Every SBURB player is given a title consisting of two parts, a class and an aspect. The class determines how they use their aspect. So for example, a Thief of Light and a Seer of Light both have powers dealing with fortune (Light), though how they use those powers are VASTLY different. John is the Heir of Breath. It’s unclear what exactly an Heir does in the general sense; however John appears to have the ability to manipulate the wind. In canon we’ve seen him use it to make giant tornados for a variety of uses (fire extinguishing, rock-drilling, monster bashing), make things fly, and hide his scent (though this was likely unintentional on his part).
+ MANGRIT: Basically super strength. After reaching the "REVENGE OF DOCTOR RAGNAROK" tier, John’s vitals go completely bonkers and his mangrit levels soar off the charts. In fact, they’re so gaudy that he doesn’t even want to share how high they are with the reader. It’s likely safe to say that he has surpassed his Dad at this point and can at least lift appliances like safes and refrigerators (if not entire houses) with ease. Do not let this kid punch you, it might be the last thing you do.
+ CREATIVITY/INGENUITY: Though he may not be as smart as his sister who dabbles in nuclear physics for fun, John is hardly stupid. While his intelligence may not shine particularly bright in the conventional sense, he is a very creative thinker and can come up with unexpected, and oftentimes unconventional, solutions to the problems he faces.
+ FRIENDLINESS: This may seem like a pretty lame strength, but for John it’s kind of one of the things he’s best at. Though there are times where he can be kind of a rude little snot, overall he’s a very friendly individual and draws people to him. Even people who may not be overly fond of him at first are typically won over by his personality at some point. His friends even look to him as a leader, despite the fact that John himself wants nothing to do with the role. He is not their leader, he is their friend and there is a HUGE difference between the two. He is a good listener and actually quite perceptive of his friends’ feelings…most of the time. Though he does say insensitive things on multiple occasions, overall he has a very good understanding of the people closest to him and has a knack for picking out things that they won’t share.
+ NEVER ENDING OPTIMISM: If everything isn’t fine, then obviously you just haven’t reached the end yet. Better keep moving forward!
+ MASTER PIANIST: Okay no, not really. But he’s pretty good, especially for a kid his age!

+/- STUBBORNNESS: Covered in better detail in the personality section. Basically, John’s incredible stubbornness can be a good or a bad thing depending upon the situation.

- TRUSTING TO A FAULT: Went over this in his personality section but it bears repeating because jesus, kid you need to learn to be more skeptical of people.
- LACK OF COMMON SENSE: This is by no means an absolute, always thing, but John has the tendency to act before thinking things through. This leads a lot of people to consider him to be stupid, despite evidence to the contrary.
- EASILY FLUSTERED:At least from his canon point, we see less and less of this in more recent updates. This attribute rears its head particularly when the subject of romance is approached. Specifically: HIS romantic life. He has no problem at all talking to/teasing other people (see: Jade) about theirs, but when the focus shifts to him, he tries to shut the conversation down by changing it to something else.
- LAZY: Would you mind tossing me up to my gate, Rose? Kthnx.
- BAKED GOODS: John just really doesn’t like Betty Crocker products, okay? The Batterwitch has her gnarled claws in everything!!! Seriously though, Dad has the tendency to overbake to the point that John is so tired of cake he would rather throw it out the window than save it for later or something. Unlike most kids, he does not jump for joy at the prospect of home baked cookies from his Nanna. Instead, he tries to avoid the kitchen.
- CLOWNS HARLEQUINS:Same damn thing, really. Thanks to Gamzee, John has some deep-seated, dreamself-related issues with clowns. Dad only exacerbated those subconscious fears by covering the Egbert home in harlequin décor. Kind of a long story, and Dad’s heart was in the right place but he kind of really just made things awful. This fear shows itself more as an INTENSE dislike as opposed to actual fear.
- PEANUT ALLERGY: No, seriously it’s like Kryptonite except it kills him instead of weakens him.

( Other Important Facts ) :
I played John in Vatheon over a year ago (from February until August) and he WILL be retaining his past memories of the game. He will go through a small canon update between my drop and re-app, however. His previous canon point was just before >John: Approach grimdarkness. Overall, his personality was not changed too much by his time in the bubble, though he certain situations cause him to be a little more cautious (because dinosaurs and also that one time they found Dave’s dead body) than he is in canon. His time in the bubble also only intensified his laid back and lazy nature. Stuff is free and he has all his best friends in one spot...why bother going out and doing anything? Jobs? What are those? (Though he did work at the Host Club...that’s totally a job, right?)

Also, Casey/Viceroy Bubbles the Salamander will be coming with him this time.

( Sample ) : I was going to write you a nice little sample about John and his first encounter with sunlight after six months but then my brain wouldn’t cooperate. Instead, have a link to his intro post over at the now-defunct [community profile] percaligovideo. Note: If accepted, I will be using a different journal in Vatheon.

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) :
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Reaver | Fable | Reserved | 1 / 3

[personal profile] immorally 2012-09-22 04:39 am (UTC)(link)

☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Redd
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] pokerap
( Age ) : 23
( Timezone ) : EST
( Other Characters ) : Frank Archer ( [personal profile] terminarcher ) | Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 anime)
immorally: (Default)

Reaver | Fable | Reserved | 2 / 3

[personal profile] immorally 2012-09-22 04:40 am (UTC)(link)

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Reaver
( Character's Age ) : Unknown, he appears to be physically in his early thirties, but he's over two hundred years old. Just how old is he? He doesn't even remember.
( Series ) : Fable
( Canon Point ) : Fable II, right after sending the Hero of Bowerstone to give the Dark Seal to the Shadow Court, but before contacting Lucien
( Playability ) : N/A

( History ) : Reaver @ Fable Wiki A lot of this pertains to Fable III, which is after the canon point I've chosen to take Reaver from. Fable III takes place fifty years after Fable II, which explains the difference in Reaver's appearance.

( Personality ) : No one loves Reaver more than Reaver himself. He's egotistical, vain, and self-centered, to say the very least. While it might seem like Reaver only cares about himself, the truth is that Reaver relies very heavily on the opinions of others. He wants to be remembered - whether that means people love him or hate him doesn't matter; as long as they remember him. For the most part he will try to get people to like him - he's rich, he's powerful, and he's a good lay. Reaver likes being adored, and ultimately relies heavily on people liking him. He's very good at persuading people to like him whether it's through charisma or bribery; he's a born leader and while he's overconfident, there is a certain charm that comes with that. It's obvious that Reaver cares far more about himself than anyone else, however. He has lived for at least two hundred years and never once regretted losing anyone - be it a wife (several of whom he threw overboard because he cared more about saving his treasure), a friend (not that there are very many of those, a "friend with benefits" is far more accurate), or a lover (and he's had plenty of them). Reaver is Reaver's favorite person, and nothing anyone can say or do will ever change that.

Outside of his people-dependent and rather oversexed lifestyle, Reaver seems to be a complete airhead. He's the sort to ramble on and on about himself and his past deeds, even while in an incredibly dangerous situation, such as escaping from a madman who wants to capture him and use his Hero of Skill abilities. No big deal. Reaver doesn't seem to take anything seriously, including the deal that keeps him young forever (as long as he sacrifices someone else's youth, that is). While all of this is quite true - he is a bit of an airhead and he's horribly overconfident to the point of underestimating everyone who goes up against him - he is quite clever and cunning and most of the airhead behavior is an act. In fact, most of Reaver himself is an act. He's spent the past two hundred years (or so, he's not entirely sure how long it's been) pretending to be "Reaver," a persona he created after the disaster in Oakvale destroyed his hometown, family, and friends.

Many years ago, Reaver was a normal young man with an incredible fear of death, and more specifically, aging. He feared losing control of himself more than anything in the world. He summoned the Shadow Court and struck a deal with them: every year he would sacrifice one person's youth to retain his. Part of that deal involved destroying Oakvale, his home town, but Reaver didn't know that until the Shadow Judges had already set off to do it. He arrived in time to witness his entire town - and the people he loved and cared about - destroyed. It took him quite some time to recover, and by then he decided that he would embrace the fact that he had done horrible things, like sacrificing peoples' youth for his own. He created a new persona - a stronger persona - Reaver. He isn't that boy anymore and looks back on his past self with loathing. He hates how weak he was back then and genuinely likes what he's become (to some extent, at least). There are times when he genuinely does feel bad for the things he's done. But that's easily solved by several drinks, an orgy or two, and moving on with his new (and far better!) life.

The "Reaver" persona was indeed created as a coping mechanism, but over the years it has become more than just a persona. The boy who accidentally sacrificed his entire town to the Shadow Judges has become Reaver. While this isn't something Reaver is proud of, he still is that boy sometimes. For the most part, however, he's anything but that boy. He's cruel, cold, calculating, and cunning; he will use people and abuse people. He's not afraid to speak his mind regardless of how terrible his thoughts are. He's sadistic and takes pleasure in watching others suffer. He enjoys the sacrifices he makes (though the trek through the marshes that used to be Oakvale is never pleasant). He's done everything he can to distance himself from that boy, and even two hundred plus years later he's still haunted by nightmares of Oakvale's destruction. Reaver absolutely loathes it and has tried everything he can to ignore it. He doesn't feel the need to use his old name anymore, and claims he's forgotten it. He hasn't. He hasn't forgotten anything about his old life in Oakvale so many years ago.

Reaver still fears death and aging even after all this time. Sometimes he considers stopping the sacrifices (it gets so old after two hundred years, after all, and it's so tiresome to travel through Wraithmarsh), but the thought of the Shadow Judges coming for him - like they did Oakvale - terrified him beyond belief. He won't stop the sacrifices simply because that would involve his death.

As the Hero of Skill, Reaver is more than just an average human. He has exceptional aim and speed and he's well-known throughout Albion for his piracy. Rumors circulate about Reaver having been alive for hundreds of years, but no one pays them any mind. The title "Hero" typically implies that a person is good, but Reaver couldn't be any further down the evil scale if he tried. He has no issues murdering people (especially if they slight him in some perceived way - arists beware, you'll never capture his image perfectly) and he has no issues selling people out. He's a terrible person and he owns up to that fact. If you're expecting the Hero of Skill to be heroic at all, then you have another thing coming.

Reaver's a clusterfuck of issues covered up by a flamboyant, sadistic, and airheaded facade. He's egotistical, self-absorbed, and overall a difficult person to deal with - assuming he's not trying to win your interest through sex or bribery. Reaver's a difficult man to pin down, but that's part of his charm. He's a rogue and he's completely unapologetic about it. He owns the fact that he's a terrible person, and he works it in a way that will either make you want to hurt him or love him. Either way, you'll remember him.

And that's exactly what he wants.
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Rose Lalonde | Homestuck | Reserved 1/2

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☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Kinam
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] kinam
( Age ) : 23
( Timezone ) : PST
( Other Characters ) : None

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Rose Lalonde
( Character's Age ) : HERE
( Series ) : Homestuck
( Canon Point ) : Act 6 Intermission 1, just after WV is delivered to the group on the meteor.

( History ) :
On the MSPA Wiki!

( Personality ) :
With a personality erring on the side of antisocial, Rose Lalonde is a card to interact with. Whether this is a good or a bad card is hard to discern. First you have to deal with the terrible combination of her skepticism and cynicism. Do you really mean what you say? Are you sure everything you do is for as sincere purposes as you claim? Aren't you really just taking a jab at her or her interests or hobbies? The next step of interaction is the passive-aggression. Once she has determined the level of sincerity in whatever it was you did, she will meticulously craft a rebuttal. Assuring that her response is filled with just enough sincerity to be seen as touching, she carefully adds her quiet jabs in return. “Oh, under usual circumstances, this could have been taken as quite rude, but I know you would never do such a thing.” And of course, in the spirit of one-upmanship, this reply must also be over-the-top, but only enough to impress and, possibly, make your action look inferior to hers. If you can make it past that, realizing that she just has a hard time saying thank you, you get the pleasure of sarcasm seeping heavily into her humor. So what's so attractive about speaking with this girl? What could possibly be so compelling as to encourage you to continue interaction? Well, we'll get to that. Trust me when I say 'you'll know it when you see it'.

Rose Lalonde, unlike most stereotypical girls of the young age of thirteen, isn't into shopping and fashion, cartoons and boys, ponies and fairies. If the previous paragraph didn't leave you feeling as though she kind of breaks the mold of peppy girl character, what you're about to read will surely confirm this for you. Rose, firstly, dabbles in psychology. And when I say dabbles, I mean she is not afraid to explore the minds and actions of her friends when opportunities that pique her curiosity arise. Moments of presumed weakness, metaphors that hint at further meaning, things that really seem to hide some deeper, secretive meaning. Of course, then there are moments like the mystery of the defaced movie posters. After displaying proof that they were wrecked previous to John's acknowledgment of it, she's asked for an explanation. While she does offer the answer as a friend, her theory sounds just like one you'd probably expect from a therapist. Dave has also received her 'help' in the form of dream analysis..

The bestially strange and fictitious is another preoccupation of hers. And no, we are not referring to flamingos or unicorns. Think more along the line of the horrors that live in the deep. The terrors lurking and looming just outside of your subconscious. Or, perhaps more specifically, Horrorterrors. Ones such as Fluthlu, Foul Patrician of Misery or Nrub'yiglith, Shamebeast King of Grotesquery. And one must never forget Oglogoth, the Deep One. Various creatures who exist and inhabit what is know as the Furthest Ring. All of this information is stored in the Grimoire for Summoning the Zoologically Dubious. As can be expected, this interest goes hand in hand with one of the ridiculously obscure literature.

And, speaking of literature, this brings us to the last subject of her passions we will touch upon; That being her somewhat secretive love of creative writing. While personal journals are strictly for her eyes only, she does not seem to be completely opposed to the idea of spinning tales and poetry to her friends . Thanks, however, to the peek into aforementioned journals taken by Dave, at least one of them reveals that perhaps Rose loves wizards more than she lets on. Her creativity, however, does not stop with simple writing. Once the game SBURB began, Rose was able to view and manipulate John's surroundings as his server player, even without being physically there. When John needed something cleaned up in the back yard, but her cursor couldn't reach? She expanded the space of his room and had him stand closer to the mess, allowing her a further reach. When John needed a little help defeating imps, she wasn't able to provide that in person. She opted to throwing large objects at them instead, such as a bathtub or piano. Once entering the game herself, she uses nothing but a pair of simple knitting needles to blind an intimidating ogre by stabbing it in the eyes. She then employs her yarn to wrestle the creature not only to the ground but into the water leading away from her home, thereby effectively creating a raft to float upon. The young miss Lalonde also happens to be a talented little violinist and she knits! In fact, one of her most adventurous projects was repairing a stuffed bunny of great importance, requiring large sections of previous material to be removed and replaced with the newly knitted panels. Such an endeavor doesn't come with patterns and requires both creativity and logic to accomplish.

And logic seems like the perfect positive facet of her personality to start with. Intelligence is something that Rose has an abundance of and this can really be taken in a variety of ways. She's an excellent problem solver, and here we go back to previous examples given to exemplify this. The expansion of his room to widen her cursor range, the use of objects thrown somewhat haphazardly at monsters when she herself cannot physically help. She is also the one to figure out much of SBURB, relying on FAQs written by others momentarily in an attempt to discern why there was a countdown ticking threateningly at John, but soon abandoned them in favor of scribing her own. The only aspect of the game that seemed to give her real troubles was futzing with the controls. Rose is also, you could say, “book” smart, owning a bookshelf filled to the brim with books, some of which are likely fantasy stories, while others being psychological or philosophical in nature. Her love for literature is likely quite apparent, even if you are never allowed a look at her room. Everyday conversation with her often includes verbose replies, her penchant for the sesquipedalian not at all hidden from the world. Her vocabulary is extensive and utilized regularly, without the assistance of a dictionary or thesaurus on her end. It simply comes natural to her.

Serious and stoic of nature come hand in hand with her next positive trait. Rose likes to keep an air of poise about her, often sounding very mature for her age. Always calm, always collected and always in control. And while normally this can be a rather double-edged sword for girl her age, she is lucky in that a small part of her still indulges in the silly and ridiculous. Where using a magnetic W as a distinguished mustache is okay (as long as no one is looking). Where there is some fun to flying around a pastel rainbow land with a salamander garbed in a cute little cowl by your side, a pair of wands made from knitting needles, a book and a wizard station in your hands. Despite wanting to be so mature, she's still thirteen and she really seems to realize this.

This leads us into number four of her sundry strengths, that being her self-awareness. Her age is not the only thing she realizes about herself. Rose, whilst in control of her emotions, is never pictured working outside her limits. She doesn't push her body to any breaking points, nor truly put her powers to any real test of their boundaries. Yes, to be fair, those may not exactly be small confinements, but she uses only what she needs to get things done. Aside from being aware of the greatest extent that she can push herself to, she is always mindful of mistakes she makes. If she doesn't admit to and apologize for them when she becomes aware they were made, you can bet she will at some point. In fact, by the time she reaches ascension, it seems as though she's come to terms with many of the mistakes she's made along the way, learning from them rather than dwelling or repeating them. At least, the ones that can be repeated.

From here we venture into the realm of her determination. Driven and ambitious, giving up is never an option for this one. And sometimes, neither is failure. Whatever her task, whatever the goal, whether it be for herself or for everyone, once she has set her mind to something she will follow it through as far as she is absolutely able. To this end, she is not easily deterred. If something stands in her way, she will find a way to circumvent it so she may continue. And if a way around the obstruction is not available?

She will blow it the fuck up.

However, this drive isn't always the best feature of hers either. Along with seeing good things through to the end, she also has a tendency to follow plans that are on the side of 'really bad ideas' just as stubbornly. Such as missions that will end with her very much dead in the end. And this is because, unfortunately, she is a very poor judge of character.

Yes, despite all of her study into psychology and people, and all the skepticism she holds for basically everyone, Rose still manages to place faith in forces that are likely Not Good. Remember those Horrorterrors I spoke of earlier? Again, these creatures are very much real, and as a Derse Dreamer Rose is able to hear them. Which means she's able to place her trust in them, even though they do not sound like the nicest bunch. Further more, she places trust into a guy who is kind of creepy. Doc Scratch makes promises of a better chance at survival for her and her friends (though no absolute guarantee) in exchange for Rose running off on a suicide mission that would bring the arrival of a rather evil sounding guy. It's sort of like he's offering her candy in exchange for sitting in his van for a little while. And yet she willingly takes the offer without fully thinking the situation through. In her defense, however, the price to pay for refusing such an offer is too steep for her. She would essentially be dooming her friends to die.

It is likely these decisions that bring about our next course in this dreary half. That being her need for a little emotional detachment, and how that turns into a whole lot of detachment period throughout the game. She is seen various times treating discussion held with her friends as more of a professional than a companion. She breaks down their thought processes, their decisions, their seemingly pointless antics and presents them with the results, trying to remind them of how serious the situation is early on. After obtaining the goal of saving them, she slowly begins with withdraw. Despite the best intentions of her friends, she offers them at best mysterious and cryptic answers to their probing questions as to what she's doing, what she's plotting and what she's up to. At worst, she just won't answer them at all, though eventually this becomes the permanent answer the closer they come to the Scratch. It's not until prompted to ask her magic cueball what to do that she finally answers one of the chums pestering her again.

Here is another moment where I will ask you to recall something for me. Do you recall when I said she likes to give off an air of poise? Of calm, cool, collectedness? Well let me reiterate. She likes to. And for the most part, people believe it. However, sometimes her emotions can get the better of her and she ends up making rash, reckless decisions on impulse. Her first offense being that of when she destroyed her first gate. They're doomed to fail. Their session won't bare fruit. Essentially, they will die there, and she refuses to accept this. She swears to tear the game apart at the seams until she finds every answer it can give her on how to fix this. How to repair her fate. Perhaps it's anger or desperation or an undeniable will to live that spurns this on, but this decision is not made with logic. It is made with emotion. The next offense I am about to describe is the likely the most impacting. The setting is the Land of Heat and Clockwork, and she has just been told to speak to Jade by a magic cueball. Doing so allows her to learn of the death of her mother, which is only a toe in the water of grief and anger driven actions for this example. In a fit of anger, Rose hunts down Jack to exact her revenge. Upon doing so, she comes upon John who has yet to learn of the fate of their parents, and she is in no position to tell him (what with her speaking gobbledygook thanks to being all grimdark and stuff). Instead, she is left leading him to the scene of their murder, where they are confronted by Jack. The two ready their weapons, but before either can take a strike, Rose witnesses yet another murder. That of John. At this point, it's pretty obvious from the look on her face that she's not just mad anymore. She's terrifyingly furious, launching into a battle with the villain that she is doomed to lose.

Now, something almost everything she does and continues to do comes down to one thing. There's one big reason she starts looking for answers, willing to break the game if she has to to obtain them. There's one thing that sends her truly off the deep end and ends with her getting killed against Jack. There's one purpose behind risking her life on a suicide mission that she will never return to thanks to that death. And that one thing is the fate of her friends. From the very beginning, she is repairing their fate, not hers. She is working to save them more than herself. And when one of those very close friends is killed in front of her, she positively loses it, absolutely blinded by rage.
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Rose Lalonde | Homestuck | Reserved 2/2

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( Personality cnt. ):
Each friend plays an important role for Rose. Jade, the one whose interactions we are introduced to last, seems to be the best at getting through to her, to make her listen. Yes, John and Dave both advise Rose against actions or choices, but rarely are they taken more seriously than “I will keep my guard up.” It is Jade who convinces Rose that maybe, just maybe, she should second guess what she is doing. Maybe she should question the motives of the Horrorterrors. Unfortunately, this does have a hand in her death at Jack's hands, however the fact is Rose still listened. Even earlier in canon, where normally she would most certainly continue believing what John gave to her for her birthday was some passive-aggressive jab at her interests, it's Jade who reminds her and gets it through her head that not everyone means the opposite of what they say.

Dave, the second one she is shown interacting with, understands where she's coming from the best. Their situations are, in some ways, similar. And this is beyond the fact that they are related. Both tend to be very close guarded, doling out facetious quips and sarcastic comments without a second thought Their conversations are often times back and forth one-upping banter. Sometimes it's a game of psychological chicken. And sometimes their genuine concern for each other shines through. Of course, despite understanding each others situations, and therefor by extension each other, so well, they rarely talk about it if it isn't brought up in one of their various passive-aggressive wars. It would likely take a lot to get them to talk about it together. To really sit down and talk about it.

And John, the first of whom she interacts with and therefor fittingly last addressed, is the one who knows her the best. When she jokes around with John, while she's still often cynical and sarcastic, it's far more playful and lighthearted. There's less passive-aggression there, as she seems to understand that John really just isn't like that. So she's more than willing to allow their conversations to turn out silly and fun once in a while. In fact, John himself claims to know just how well he sees through Rose's facade in his birthday letter to her. And really, he's right.

Now, I've mentioned passive-aggression quite a few times so far. As well as cynicism, skepticism, facetiousness, and a variety of other poor social skills, and I bet you are wondering just where all this came from. Well that, quite unfortunately, all came from her mother. In Rose's eyes, their lives together have been nothing but one giant clever strife. She asks for a funeral for her cat, her mother goes way over the top and builds a mausoleum for the animal, then forces them to stand in the rain for a good portion of the day before simply heading inside to pass out from alcohol consumption. She draws a picture of her pet and writes a poem on the side, and her mother not only attaches it to the refrigerator, but does so with fifteen-thousand dollar frame. And then the woman has the gall to decorate the house with wizards as if she actually likes them. Nothing she has done was viewed as genuine to Rose. That didn't, however, stop her from nearly breaking down after learning of her death, upset with herself for not seeking her out and believing so strongly that her mother was perfectly safe. She admits in that conversation with Jade that all of the passive-aggression was likely just her way of preparing her for what was ahead.

Now. I am going to ask you to remember something one more time, and this will be the last time I do this to you I promise. But, at the beginning of this section, I posed to you the question of “Why would you ever wish to interact with someone like this?” If reading this over hasn't convinced you yet, then let me put it as simply as possible. Despite her shortcomings and attitude, Rose has her light. She can be a rock when desired or a therapist when not really wanted but probably needed, but all the time? She is a friend all the time. One that cares more than she lets on, who's loyalty is stronger than she ever shows, and who would literally give her life for you.

Twice if you're a certain constantly dying Egbert.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
-Her powers as a seer of light allow her to know the most fortuitous path to follow for her party to obtain victory, whatever victory happens to be classified as.
-Her god tier status gives her conditional immortality; if her death isn't just or heroic, she'll just keep coming back to life.

-Tends to be a bad judge of character
-Loyal to a fault (blindly following advice from a shady character to save her friends.)
-Passive Aggressive

( Other Important Facts ) :
She will be retaining her memories from when she was here in Vatheon previously. (Oglogoth on Livejournal, about a year ago.)

( Sample ) :
@ Caligo
@ Caligo

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) : Nope!
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Wallace | Pokemon

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[ Player Name ] : Seph
[ Personal DW ] : N/A
[ Age ] : 26
[ Timezone ] : UK GMT
[ Other Characters ] : N/A

[ Character's Name ] : Wallace
[ Character's Age ] : Around 25
[ Series ] : Pokemon
[ Canon Point ] : During Emerald while Team Magma and Aqua are working on their bad stuff. Wallace is Champion and has taken over from Steven.

[ History ] : Wallace (Japanese: ミクリ Mikuri) is a Master Water-type Trainer. He was once the Gym Leader of Sootopolis City's Gym, known officially as the Sootopolis Gym, in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, wielding the Rain Badge. He was promoted to Champion of the Elite Four in Emerald. He is apparently close to Steven Stone, and assists him in the Cave of Origin quest in Ruby/Sapphire. He was taught by Juan, who takes his place as Gym Leader in Emerald.

In Ruby and Sapphire, he runs Sootopolis City Gym where he gives out the Rain Badge as well as TM03 (Water Pulse). By the time of Emerald, Steven has left his post as Champion and Wallace challenges the league, becoming Champion himself, while his mentor, Juan, becomes Gym Leader. His Pokémon as Champion are also Water-type Pokémon.

[ Personality ] : Wallace is an outgoing individual. He is flamboyant and openly extrovert. He can be quite shy to certain subjects or have mood changes at the lightest of things. He enjoys being with others especially his Pokemon and new friends he may meet. He tends to talk poetically as this is how he is. An artist by nature he revels in nature and the flow of words connected with Pokemon battles or contests. Being the Champion, he can often boast about his ability or give others guidance on improving themselves. He doesn't act well to being told what to do. He loves the sea and anything related to it as water is his natural love. He has a deep friendship with ex-Champion, Steven Stone. Total opposites of one another, he found solace in having a friend like him.

He dresses in rather outward clothes, which give off his extrovert nature. Usually blues, deep purples and whites. All the colours of the ocean and it's plants. He is a very nature-loving man. He can't stand bullying or people abusing Pokemon. Team Magma and Aqua, he despises and wants to try and stop them along with everyone else.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] : He is apt at using water and grass type Pokemon. He is good at contest as he has the knack for artistic flair and likes to show off during such events. Flamboyancy is second nature to him. It can be useful but over confidence can bring him down sometimes. He has a strong partnership with his Milotec as it often works closely with him during battles or contests. Milotec puts up with anything Wallace goes with but if the man is wrong on a choice, his Pokemon would make it known. Sometimes, Milotec has to get him out of tricky situations if any arise.

[ Other Important Facts ] : He's the Champion of the Hoenn region and also judge at the Wallace Cup. The prize is the Aqua Ribbon, which he gives to whomever wins.

[ Sample ] :

- Suddenly, by the force of Vatheon, an over zealous npc, or even your character's friends playing a joke, your character suddenly finds themselves wearing clothes they otherwise would never wear. What do?

Wallace looked down at his clothes and gasped. He was wearing red? A red jumper which was knitted and fraying at the edges. His pants were made of knitted wool also. Who was this playing a game on him? He frowned and felt a deep blush come to his cheeks. Whoever did this would find out how angry he could get, when he wanted.

He turned to Milotec, who was watching close to him. Was that a smile on it's lips? He dismissed it and began walking to the nearest Poke Mart. Perhaps they'd have some new clothes he could fit into while he looked for his original clothes. He didn't even want to go looking for his old clothes in these....things. He sighed. The shame. "Milotec, you'd better not be laughing at me." He shot his Pokemon a warning glance. His azure eyes lit up with annoyance and embarrassment. He passed through some heavily dense woodland and hoped no one would comment on his clothes. How far was the next Poke Mart? He pulled out his Poke nav and frowned.

The next city was Slateport. Ah, he loved Slateport. The sea and the docks he loved to sit and watch the waves lap at the shore. Bad clothes or not, he was happy about returning there. Devon corp was where Steven's dad worked. He owned the company and Wallace and Steven were very good friends. "Ah, Slateport, Milotec. The wind and sea dance like a couple doing a dance. I love the sound of the sea." He mused as Slateport approached.

Wallace picked little bits of wool from his jumper as he stepped into Slateport city. Hiding his vision from anyone he dashed into the Pokemart as quickly as possible. He ordered a blue sweater with some Wingull on it and some turquoise pants. Perfect. Paying and taking his goods, he changed quickly in the changing room and headed back outside. Milotec was waiting for him with it's usual calm expression. Wallace sighed. "Thank goodness for modern convenience I say!"

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Sephiroth | Final Fantasy VII

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[ Player Name ] : Seph
[ Personal DW ] : N/A
[ Age ] : 26
[ Timezone ] : UK GMT
[ Other Characters ] : Wallace | champ_coordinator

[ Character's Name ] : Sephiroth
[ Character's Age ] : Around 25
[ Series ] : Final Fantasy VII
[ Canon Point ] : During the events of Final Fantasy VII. When Avalanche and Cloud Strife are aiming to take down ShinRa and fight for justice. Sephiroth has found Jenova and is intent on burning the world for hurting his people, the Ancients.

[ History ] :

Sephiroth was originally a general within the ShinRa organisation within Midgar. After learning about the secrets Professor Hojo was keeping about him regarding the JENOVA project, he locked himself away in the ShinRa mansion. He read many books for weeks until he found that he was descended from the alien being, JENOVA. Anger fuelled his hatred towards ShinRa and Hojo. He left the mansion after being locked up for months and went to the town of Nibelheim close by. Fuelled by rage and anger towards humans, he killed everyone within the town and torched the place.

This started the chain of events which surround Final Fantasy VII. His ongoing battle with Cloud Strife, a SOLDIER infantryman who lived in Nibelheim. Cloud, disgusted by Sephiroth's betrayal and madness joined up a group called AVALANCHE to fight ShinRa and Sephiroth.

Sephiroth became a well-known enemy around Midgar after the Nibelheim incident. He could not hide the fact that he believe he was the direct son of the alien being, JENOVA. It drove him to madness and he even went against the men he knew, his best friends. Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley. Both Firsts within SOLDIER like himself. Sephiroth became a loner and distanced himself from everyone. He became a wandering loner, desperate to seek revenge for his people, the Ancients.

Killing anyone and everything that crossed his path, he became a dangerous enemy to everyone. Those who knew him at SOLDIER, now didn't know the man as he had changed. A monster fuelled by hate and betrayal. Finding Hojo and hunting down everyone at ShinRa was on his task list. He succeeded in assassinating the ShinRa president and then went to seek his son, Rufus.

Sephiroth then became an icon within the Final Fantasy VII universe as he was known to wield his Masamune with dangerous skill and efficiency.

[ Personality ] :

Sephiroth is a rather shy but fiercely intelligent man. He is arrogant and somwhat torn between his past and his future. When angered, he can be dangerously violent and unpredictable. Because of what happened with his past concerning ShinRa, he is not the same man he used to be. To most, his outward appearance might mask the man he truly is. He can be calm and polite as he is a pleasant enough man to talk to. If you get in the way of his plans or his visions, he tends to lash out with anger.

His attire consists of his signature long black coat and his long silver hair. Also, his extra long katana, Masamune, makes him a feared man to anyone. He is extremely skilled in the art of using his katana and has had years of training within ShinRa, making him a skilled fighter. He can use Materia, which is Mako energy made into small orbs of power. Being in SOLDIER, he is skilled with using Materia as he is using his sword.

Finding JENOVA and leaning the truth about his betrayal, has made him a very bitter man. He resents anyone within the ShinRa organisation and has turned his back on everyone and everything. Even those closest to him, Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley, he believes the whole human race needs to be punished.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :

Sephiroth is highly skilled with using his katana, Masamune. He can also use Materia extremely well, being in SOLDIER for many years. He can use both Firaga, which is fire Materia and Bolt, which is lightning Materia well.

He is know for his signature move, Octa-slash when using his Masamune. It delivers a powerful hit ratio and slashes the enemy many times. It never misses.

His weaknesses are arrogance and he has a fear around crowds. He prefers to be alone rather than within lots of people. Regarding his mother, JENOVA, he can appear quite weak to another when faced with his past surrounding the matter. He doesn't like revealing that he was experimented on by Hojo, as it can bring bad memories up for him.

[ Other Important Facts ] :

He became a general within ShinRa when he was fairly young. In his teens, he lead men into battle against ShinRa's enemy the Wutai. He knew Genesis Rhapsodos, Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley. All members of SOLDIER and First class within ShinRa. He is the son of JENOVA and his own human mother, Lucrecia Crescent.

[ Sample ] :
The city of Vatheon is under attack (again). Giant sea-creatures are wrecking the city (again). Time to prepare for battle.

Sephiroth's senses stood on end as he reached for his Masamune. Monsters. He knew the sign of those beings as he'd fought them for many years. In all shapes and sizes. Where was he as he looked up at the water city. Wherever he was, he'd have to defend against the creatures which he could hear destroying the city within. How many innocents would they attack? Too many for his standards. He ran into the city and looked around with his quick eyes. He scanned the vicinity and noticed a large sea monster attacking a row of houses. No.

Sephiroth launched himself towards the tentacled mass and hacked with his Masamune. He managed to provoke the sea monster as it screamed in pain as the silver general hacked a few of it's tentacles from it's body. Green blood dripped to the ground as he went to bite Sephiroth with it's large teeth. The lithe general jumped from the mass of monster onto the ground and used a Thundaga spell onto it's body. Thunder and water never mix. The monster roared in pain as it felt the force of the SOLDIER's Materia spell. Who was this mysterious invader? No one else in Vatheon could use such a force.

The monster screamed once more as it fell, crashing to the floor. Sephiroth smirked as he stood a few feet away and wiped the green blood from his Masamune. If there were more monsters around, he'd be ready for them.
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Sufferer | Homestuck | not reserved

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Psiioniic | Homestuck | not reserved

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Psiioniic | Homestuck | Reserved

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Videl Satan | Dragonball Z | Reserved

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Noel Kreiss | Final Fantasy XIII-2 | Not Reserved

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Here's my application.
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Yuan Ka-Fai | Tales of Symphonia | Reserved 1/?

[personal profile] madonnya 2012-09-23 07:22 pm (UTC)(link)

☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Meowzy.
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] madonnya
( Age ) : 24.
( Timezone ) : GMT+2.
( Other Characters ) : N/A.

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Yuan Ka-Fai.
( Character's Age ) : Over 4000 years old.
( Series ) : Tales of Symphonia.
( Canon Point ) : After getting beat up by Mithos in front of Altessa’s house, but before leaving to evacuate the Renegades.
( Playability ) : N/A.

( History ) :
Here you go
madonnya: (Thunder Explosion lol)

Yuan Ka-Fai | Tales of Symphonia | Reserved 2/2

[personal profile] madonnya 2012-09-23 07:23 pm (UTC)(link)
( Personality ) :
When playing the game, the first impression you will likely get of Yuan is that he’s arrogant and quick to jump to the defensive. Both of these things are true, the latter moreso than the first. Yuan is an extremely introverted person, refusing to place his trust in others or rely on them. If something needs to be done, he will try it himself, only asking for help when he has no other options left. Even when he does finally decide to ally himself with others, he makes it perfectly clear that this is ‘just business’. When he joins Mithos’ group, he insists the only reason he did so was to see Mithos fail for himself. When he finally decides to help Lloyd’s group, he promptly states that this doesn’t mean they’re “friends”. On the flipside, he’s also reluctant to give help to people he doesn’t know. Take the matter with the Fandalia flowers, for instance. He doesn’t understand why they should go out of their way to help a village of humans who’ve been nothing but unpleasant to them.

He believes that the end justifies the means and will easily sacrifice others (if necessary) to reach his goals. On that note, he won’t hesitate to sink to the level of blackmail, even drugging innocent people. Yuan is a pessimist and even now, he bears a bit of a grudge towards humans. This is likely due to the high level of half-elf discrimination that has been reigning the world for over 5000 years. He refuses to admit his mistakes or apologize for anything, likely seeing this as a sign of weakness. He will easily lose his temper when challenged or teased. He’s also a very sore loser, though this is something mostly seen in Tales of Fandom 2.

Despite his cold personality, there are two people who have truly managed to get close to Yuan and earn his trust. The first is his late fiancée, Martel Yggdrasill. Whenever she was near, Yuan would turn into a stuttering, blushing mess, thus making him an easy target of mockery for her younger brother and their human companion, Kratos Aurion. Unable to disagree with anything Martel said, Yuan could be easily wrapped around her finger and forced to take on a bit more of a warm attitude. It seems the only one who was oblivious to his infatuation was Martel herself. Even after her death, Yuan remains loyal to his fiancée and her ideals, doing whatever he can to respect her final wishes. Their engagement ring, which remains on his hand after all these years, is the symbol of his undying love.

The other individual who managed to reach Yuan’s compassionate side is Kratos Aurion. Though the human was his greatest enemy on the battlefield during the Kharlan War, Kratos is the one who introduced him to the Yggdrasill siblings. The man’s apathetic attitude towards others is something that aggravated Yuan greatly. Though claiming to be companions, the two hardly ever acted as true friends. Even so, their relationship is one of mutual respect. Despite Mithos’ influence, Yuan tried to gain Kratos’ alliance on several occasions, only to fail. After the incident with Anna, he had no choice but to consider Kratos ‘dead’ and from that point on, he didn’t hesitate to blackmail his old friend, or even attempt to take his life. It’s a harsh action, yes, but in the end he endangered his own life to save the human’s, by means of a mana transfer. This suggests that he never truly intended for Kratos to die.

The relationship between Yuan and Mithos Yggdrasill is a complicated one. Though they likely never had any real fights during the Kharlan war, Yuan only saw the boy as Martel’s irritating younger brother. He believed that Mithos was nothing but a hopeless idealist and had vowed to reveal his hypocrisy. Mithos found this attitude amusing and seemed quite fond of teasing Yuan whenever he could. Apparently, the two enjoyed playing games of Jan-Ken-Pon (rock – paper – scissors), in which Mithos always came out victorious. After Martel’s death, Yuan agreed to follow the boy’s ideals, though there is a chance he knew from the very start the boy was mistaken. As madness kicked in and Mithos turned into the ruthless leader known as Yggdrasill, their relationship only worsened, until the point where Yuan had nothing but scorn for his former companion.

Not much is known at the relationship between Yuan and his lieutenant, Botta. The Renegade leader placed his faith in Botta’s capabilities during harsh times, trusting that the man would take care of things accordingly. Likely, Botta had to work hard to earn this kind of respect, but it seems even then, Yuan never truly got close to him. Of course, even if he did mourn the loss of his lieutenant, there’s no way he would show such ‘weak emotions’ in front of Lloyd and his friends.

Though all this makes Yuan sound very intense and unpleasant, he really is just a big softy inside. He’s a romantic at heart and it took him forever to confess his love to Martel, out of sheer fear of being rejected. He became visibly upset when he lost her old engagement ring and searched high and low for it. … Literally. His need to get it back from Lloyd was so strong, it finally forced him to ask nicely- even beg for it. While constantly battling for survival, he seems to have no real fear of death. After Yuan had finished evacuating the Renegades in Triet Base to save them from Mithos’ wrath, he himself remained in his office, knowing perfectly well he would be an easy target there. He later risked his life to save Kratos because, as he says, they’ve lived too long already.

As Colette Brunel says in Dawn of the New World: “He always looks a bit cross, but he’s really doing all he can to find happiness.” Zelos adds: “You could also say the guy’s got no luck.” Emil then sums it up perfectly by saying: “Sounds like a pretty complicated guy.”

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
Being who he is, Yuan has exceptional experience in battles. He was raised to be a soldier and continued fighting long, long after he should’ve retired. His High-Exsphere, also known as Cruxis Crystal, enhances his senses and gives him strength above that of the average human and half-elf. It also allows him to manipulate his own mana, so that he may create functional wings and halt his metabolism. Yuan is a proficient lightning mage and wields a large, double-bladed saber that allows for a wide attack range and great damage to opponents.

Yuan is strong-willed and can put on an excellent pokerface when necessary, making him the ideal leader for the Renegades. He spent 800 years lying to his closest companions, all the while gaining access to Cruxis’ most valuable information and resources. Somehow, he managed to juggle both his duties to Cruxis and his tasks as leader of a large underground organization. While it’s never outright stated, one can assume that he’s knowledgeable about magitechnology and perhaps even designed the Rheairds himself.

While it’s hard to gain Yuan’s alliance, he can be a very valuable companion once you succeed. He’s strong and stubborn, always refusing to forfeit no matter how dire the situation gets. His tendency to stick to facts and reality can make him a much-needed voice of reason when you, say, get a crazy idea to revive your dead sister. He may deny that he cares, but when push comes to shove, Yuan’s the kind of guy who would throw his life on the line for his allies.

True physical weaknesses are hard to find. One might say that, despite being a self-proclaimed angel, he’s still nothing more than a half-elf with extraordinary power. Kratos can still land a mean blow on him when his guard’s down, he can still be defeated when outnumbered by Lloyd’s group and ultimately, he can still die. While he’s an excellent lightning mage and his Cruxis Crystal granted him a few ‘angel skills’, he cannot cast spells of any other element. If he gets hurt, he needs to rely on other healers and medicinal gels to recover.

Yuan is the kind of guy who will dash into battle without a second thought and remain on the frontlines. It’s a kind of recklessness that could get him in trouble if he’s not careful. It isn’t something that only shows in battle, either. The reason the Great Seed went out of control and destroyed Palmacosta, among other locations, is because Yuan didn’t do proper research on the Mana Links and their purpose. He had a plan and immediately assumed it would work, so he allied himself with Lloyd and his friends, who were the only ones who could make this plan a reality.

And of course, Yuan has horrid people skills. He has trouble speaking his mind and often comes across as uptight, or even irritable. He doesn’t respond well to teasing and his pessimistic nature may have him rain on other people’s proverbial parades. He can be pleasant if he wants to, but that won’t happen until he knows just what sort of person he’s talking to. Even then, he doesn’t like to waste time on small talk or share too much information about his personal life. There will always be a wall there that not even Kratos managed to break down entirely. The only one who might’ve succeeded in getting Yuan to fully open up was Martel, but after losing her, that wall only became twice as high for everyone else.

( Other Important Facts ) :

( Sample ) :
Yuan discovers the wonders of Tetris at Luceti
Yuan has a little breakdown at Luceti

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Suguro "Bon" Ryuuji | Ao no Exorcist | Reserved

[personal profile] secondcoolest 2012-09-24 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
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Dr. Franken Stein || Soul Eater || No Reserve

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Burgh | Pokemon | Not Reseved

[personal profile] creative_lovebug 2012-09-25 09:22 am (UTC)(link)
[ Player Name ] : Seph
[ Personal DW ] : N/A
[ Age ] : 26
[ Timezone ] : UK GMT
[ Other Characters ] : Wallace [champ_coordinator]

[ Character's Name ] : Burgh
[ Character's Age ] : Around 25
[ Series ] : Pokemon
[ Canon Point ] : During Black and White when Team Plasma are trying to cause chaos throughout the Unova region.

[ History ] :

Burgh (Japanese: アーティ Arti) is the Gym Leader of Castelia City Gym, known officially as the Castelie Gym. He specializes in Bug-type Pokémon and gives the Insect Bdge to Trainers who defeat him.

Burgh appears in Pokemon Black and White as the Gym Leader of Castelia City's Gym, the third Gym to be challenged by the player. He is also an artist and apparently started his career in Nacrene City, which he often comes back to when he gets "artist's block." Trainers who defeat Burgh will receive the Insect Badge, along with TM76 Struggle Bug.

He also reappears at N's Castle where he and the other Unova Gym Leaders hold off the Seven Sages.In Pokemon Black and White 2, Burgh returns as a Gym Leader. The TM Burgh gives away remains the same.

During the anime:

Burgh was first shown wrapped up in his green poncho and hanging on a rope to live like a forest Pokémon. Ash and Iris see this and were obviously surprised, before he unraveled and told them not to make too much noise. Burgh is also a fashion designing genius prodigy, but was having a hard time coming up with new ideas, so he said he goes to the forest to find inspiration. He also teaches Ash and Iris about studying Pokémon and getting to know them before capturing them. After seeing Sewaddle and Ash's bonding in front of the sunset, he gets his latest inspiration and heads back to his hometown to create new designs and waits for Ash to arrive and challenge him.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :

Burgh has a strength with using Bug-type Pokemon and has the ability to "talk" with them. He uses his complex knowledge of Bug-types to communicate and gain their friendship. He also sleeps out within the forest to try and gain a better understanding of Bug-types. He sees himself as trying to gain a "pure heart" while seeking inspiration for his artwork at the same time.

As well as a Bug-type trainer and Gym Leader, Burgh is an accomplish artist. He often has mood swings between being happy and content to depressed and lonely. A common trait amongst artists. His weakness would be lack of inspiration which causes him to withdraw amongst himself and lie among the trees for days on end until his inspiration picks up once more. Burgh's personality can waver between finding his true inspiration around Bug-types and not knowing what to do next. Unpredictability is one of Burgh's weaknesses.

Overall, his strengths lie in doing good for the world and setting things to balance within their own harmony. He is good with people and Bug-type Pokemon and tends to get on well with others. A strength would be his out-going personality.

[ Personality ] :

Burgh comes across as a rather out-going but somewhat shy artist. His personality can change from knowing what to do one moment to losing his inspiration and withdrawing into himself. Spending nights within Pinwheel Forest helps him connect with his "inner self" and regain a "pure heart" in knowing about nature. He is good with animals, especially Bug-type Pokemon. He'd do anything and everything to protect them against danger. Even putting himself at risk. He has a fierce temper if someone ever activates it. Luckily, he has never gone off into a tantrum much in the past.

Mood swings dominate much of Burgh's personality as he tries to find inspiration within the world of Pokemon. He mixes art with training and has found the unique blend in finding where he wants to go. Being the leader of the Castelia City gym, he is responsible and can often be found playing the leader wherever situations show themselves.

His clothes reflect is rather dandy appearance as he takes pride in how he looks. Being an artist, he believes projecting his outward personality and his love of Bug-types makes him the person he is. Most people may think him slightly effeminate due to the way he dresses. Burgh doesn't care if people think him gay or straight, it is how one acts that defies themselves. He believes in that. He is also a fashion designer, using his Pokemon to help him design clothes and costumes. His own clothes were designed by himself and the help of his Pokemon.

He believes against what Team Plasma are doing within the Unova region and vows to help stop them with the other Gym leaders. Hurting Pokemon is something Burgh cannot stand at any cost. He believes that being at harmony with one's Pokemon is how you reach your true potential and inner peace.

[ Other Important Facts ] :

His Japanese title is モスト・インセクト・アーティスト / Mosuto Insekuto Aateisuto. "Most Insect Artist"
BW Episode 018 "Yaguruma Forest! Kurumiru and Arti!!" mentions that Burgh likes salad made from berries.

In the games, Burgh's gym resembles a beehive while Bugsy's gym resembles a Forest and a spiderweb.
Burgh is the second Gym Leader to use Bug Pokemon, the first is Bugsy of Azelea Town in Johto.

[ Sample ] :

What is this? Is that rain? How nice-- wait a minute, is it raining rubber duckies? Seriously.

Burgh was sleeping amongst the canopy on top of a nearby tree as he usually did. He was trying to connect his focus between Bug-type Pokemon and himself. He often did. What was that pit-pat noise coming around him? Was it raining? He had felt no water on his body. He opened his eyes slowly and gasped. What the?-

Rubber ducks? He looked up and couldn't believe what he was seeing. Lots and lots of rubber ducks were....falling from the sky? But, how was that even possible?! Where on earth was he? He stood up and felt one duck hit him on the head. Ow. Jumping down from the tree, he rubbed his head and used his green cloak to protect himself from the duck downpour. He sheltered underneath the tree and pulled out his sketchpad. He began furously trying to record what he was seeing by sketching the ducks falling from the sky. Rubber ducks falling from the sky.

Was he dreaming? He pinched himself to make sure. Nope, that hurt. The bump on his head was real enough too. "What is going on?" He whispered to himself. He often spoke to himself sometimes to get his thought processes working. Eccentric perhaps but Burgh didn't care what others thought of him. He was an artist and art was everything. Some people just didn't understand. What could he do about it? Would the ducks stop on their own? "Sewaddle, you might want to see this." Burgh spoke to the Pokeball attached to his belt. He unhooked the ball and threw it out into the sky. Out came Sewaddle, the caterpillar Pokemon and immediately hid under Burgh's cloak. It was unsure aboutt he ducks as he was. "Sewaddle?" It looked at it's master and frowned. Burgh gave the small creature a stroke on it's leafy head.

"It's alright. Something odd is happening but I find it beautiful and strange at the same time. Don't you, Sewaddle?" He looked to his frightened Pokemon. Sewaddle just poked at one of the rubber ducks on the floor by their feet. Burgh felt as if he were witnessing something magical and special. Like he was within a dream but still within reality. Suddenly, the duck downpour stopped. Burgh sighed. "That was exciting, wasn't it, Sewaddle?" He put his sketchpad away and leaned back against the tree.

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Hijiri Minase | Yami no Matsuei | Reserved

[personal profile] akumanotrill 2012-09-27 04:42 pm (UTC)(link)
This is the music of fallen angels.
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Sarah Zellaby | InCryptid Series | Not Reserved

[personal profile] socryptidshescryptic 2012-09-30 05:19 pm (UTC)(link)

☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Snow
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] snow
( Age ) : 22
( Timezone ) : EST
( Other Characters ) :
Ky Kiske ( [personal profile] closedcircuit ) | Guilty Gear
Ashraf al-Mansur ( [personal profile] negativecapability ) | Arabesk Trilogy

The rest of the app.
timetraveling: (magic)

Rondoline E. Effenberg | Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X | reserved

[personal profile] timetraveling 2012-09-30 05:49 pm (UTC)(link)
storm_on_a_stick: (Default)

[personal profile] storm_on_a_stick 2012-09-30 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Player Name ] : Rhi-chan
[ Personal DW ] : [personal profile] rhi_chan
[ Age ] : 36
[ Timezone ] : Pacific
[ Other Characters ] : N/A

[ Character's Name ] : Arche Klaine
[ Character's Age ] : 17
[ Series ] : Tales of Phantasia
[ Canon Point ] : End of the OVA, just after Dhaos’ death, when everyone’s standing around absorbing it all.

[ History ] :
[ Personality ] :
Arche is a teenager, and usually acts her age. She is boy crazy, but doesn’t usually admit she enjoys someone’s company to their face. One special boy is Chester, but don’t tell her I told you. They tend to bicker and tease more than anything else. She acts childish, flirtatious, giggly, whiny, and nonchalant – usually all at the same time.
She takes a lot of pride in how quickly she can cast magic, and teases those like Klarth that take a long time, even though his magic is stronger. She just cannot be bothered with all that complication. She likes things that don’t require much effort, but if she is truly needed by someone she has no problem pitching in and helping out. She is fully capable of taking care of herself and her friends, and of accomplishing things that are needed, despite her behavior in peaceful times. She is, after all, one of the two powerful magic users that are asked for help by other characters (that were sent back in time specifically for them). Her magic is generally elemental – and that along with her personality are the reasons I named her journal storm_on_a_stick.
She is half-elven, and this is something people have looked down on her for. When this happens, she just hangs her head, steps back and says not to worry, she’s used to it. It seems that it bothers her more than she lets on, though. She is an outcast among the elves, and is not acknowledged or even allowed within their territory, as is true with all half-elven.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :
Strengths: Quick casting of strong spells.
Mastery of fast movement and remarkable balance while flying on broom.
Loyalty to friends and those that have acted positively towards her.
Weaknesses: Spells not as strong as long cast, multiple target summoning spells (like Klarth’s).
Since she still comes across rather childlike, she sometimes offends with words and actions in social settings.
Her fascination with boys will sometimes seem to cloud her judgment or distract her from the more important issues at hand.

[ Other Important Facts ] :

[ Sample ] :

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] :
It’s probable that I will want to do a canon update when I have completed the game, but that can be decided later on. Thank you!
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Radical Edward | Cowboy Bebop | Not Reserved

[personal profile] waywardtomato 2012-09-30 11:24 pm (UTC)(link)
heartscrepes: (ooc: bunneh)

Silabus | .hack//G.U | Reserved

[personal profile] heartscrepes 2012-10-01 02:56 am (UTC)(link)

☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Sarah
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] lyraswings
( Age ) : 23
( Timezone ) : Eastern
( Other Characters ) : None

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Silabus
( Character's Age ) : 19
( Series ) : .hack//G.U
( Canon Point ) : In the second volume of the game Reminisce, after Silabus and Gaspard helped Haseo get his 3rd job extension
( Playability ) : HERE

( History ) :

( Personality ) :
Silabus can be summed up in one word: friendly. Offline and online he’s a very friendly person and helps those that need it, regardless of his well-being. He had even headed to a field because of anonymous letter asking him to help, even though PKs (Player Killers) were after him. Silabus always wants to help people out, having been a member then leader then member once again of a new player guild. Even in real life he volunteers and helps out in the community an finds it quite fun and rewarding, despite the hard work

He is also a bit naïve and trustful, tending to look more on the good side of people rather than the negative (He did manage to befriend Haseo after all). He treats people the same and accepts them for who they are. Because of this he tends to get into a bit of trouble but he doesn’t seem to mind or wish to change his attitude toward people. Since he is like this, many girls like him and Silabus being himself is oblivious to it.

Silabus is a huge gamer, a self-proclaimed gaming addict as it was, and plays more often than he studies for school. He is a bit of a messy guy, but generally ignores it to walk outside or play more games. Though he isn’t as active as usual he does enjoy the outdoors. He’s interested in the more liberal arts side then scientific, wanting to become a reporter or journalist.

Silabus is a very caring guy, wanting everyone to have fun and work together, and will try his best to make that happen. He is a bit on the quiet side, not liking going to parties or having a loud life.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
- Will stand up for his friends and try his best
- Able to multitask, jogging while playing a mmorpg for example
- Good understanding of technology
- Very helpful and good at making friends

- Can be too trusting, led astray or into traps very easily
- Is human and fairly weak
- Not used to using a sword very well (see facts)

( Other Important Facts ) :
As you may have guessed, Silabus is a handle in an online game, The World. His real name is Yuuichi Morino and he’s from Japan. For this game he will be going inside the character he has made, which has happened to other people in .hack//G.U because of an anomaly called AIDA. It will be combining what Yuuichi can do as well as what Silabus can, though for fighting skills Silabus will be less graceful since Yuuichi hasn’t wielded a sword in real life. Though he looks like he belongs in a fantasy rpg, he will also know stuff that happens in the world that he knows, which is slightly more technologically advanced than our own (An AU Earth the date there is 2017). He will also go by Silabus here, and very rarely say his real name.

( Sample ) :
Silabus hummed as he walked around the city, a bag in hand filled with his favourite food. He had heard some people had never tried Japanese style food before (Or even knew what Japan was) so he had decided to invite a few people for a picnic of sorts, introducing others to different types of food and meeting new people at the same time.

“I wonder what everyone else is bringing,” He wondered, looking up at the dome. He still found it was pretty cool to be down here, despite being not being able to go back home. “Heh, maybe the food will have alien stuff inside. Oh man, that would something…”

“Ow!” Silabus rubbed his head as something hit him. Looking around he managed to catch the culprit in the palm of his hand. He stared at it for a moment tilting his head. “Wha…a duck?” That couldn’t be right.

He looked up to the sky, just to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. He almost thought he had when another rubber duck smacked him right in the face. “Whoa, hey!” he jumped a bit in shock, rubbing his nose as he saw more and more starting to fall. The brown haired teen looked for the closet shelter he could find and managed to get under a piece of a building, watching the ducks fall, squeaking as they hit something.

Silabus sighed. “What a ruined day for a picnic. Guess we’ll have to wait for next time.”

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) :
brbstealingpknm: Game art from opening (Default)

Silver | Pokemon | Reserved 1/2

[personal profile] brbstealingpknm 2012-10-01 03:38 am (UTC)(link)

? Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Fenix
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] dark_fenix
( Age ) : 25
( Timezone ) : AEST/GMT+10
( Other Characters ) : None.

? Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Silver
( Character's Age ) : 16/17
( Series ) : Pokemon
( Canon Point ) : after the tag battle with Ethan against Lance and Clair
( Playability ) : N/A

( History ) : (Parts of Silver's history do depend on player/MC choices in the game and this history reflects my play-through.)
Silver is the son of Giovanni, the former Gym Leader of Viridian City and leader of Team Rocket. Around three years go, prior to the start of HG/SS, Red from the Red/Blue/Green+Remakes games defeated him. Giovanni then disbanded Team Rocket and went into hiding, leaving his at the time, 12 almost 13 year old son alone. No mention of Silver's mother's ever been made, so headcanonly, I assume that she died when he was very young. Cue daddy issues and a hatred of Team Rocket due to being left behind. :(

Three years pass and somehow Silver makes his way to to the Johto region where he's first seen outside professor Elm's lab and when the Player character, known as Ethan here on out, approached him, he knocked him away and goes back to looking in through the window. He obviously sees Ethan get his Pokemon, a Cyndaquil, and not long after steals one for himself. This happens to be a Totodile and let's just say that he's not the most kindest of trainers to it. Seeing Ethan approuch route 29, Silver calls out to him, challenging to a battle. Silver wins this one, remarking that it was a waste of time and telling Ethan his name, before leaving - physically pushing the younger boy out of the way as he does so. Presumably, he by-passes the Pokemon Centre for now, and goes to train his exhausted pokemon until it drops.

He's next seen around Sprout Tower just outside of Azeala town, when the end of his fight with Sage Li, head of the towers monks, is witnessed. At the end of it, he wins and claims a TM disc - Flash. He then notices Ethan and a few words are exchanged, mostly Silver voicing his contempt for the weak. He then leaves using an escape rope. A bit later after the Ethan's gotten Azalea's gymbadge, he shows up outside Ilex forest, asking the player if it's true that Team Rocket's returned. When Ethan says yes, he rudely tells him to stop lying and proceeds to challenge him. He loses*. Another huff and he heads into the forest, vanishing. Presumably to overwork his already exhausted pokemon. Are we seeing a pattern here?

From there he makes his way toward Ecruteak City, presumably getting the gymbages along the way as well as battling other trainers. There, he goes to the Burned tower looking for a legendary pokemon to add to his team. Soon after, Ethan finds him and they have yet another battle. Silver loses and leaves after remarking that Ethan will never catch a legendary pokemon.

From there, he makes his way to Olivine City, intent on getting another badge, only to find that Jasmine, the gym leader is off tending to a sick pokemon, much to his disgust. He briefly runs into Ethan and tells him that the gym leader's off being a bleeding heart. There's no battle this time. Presumably, Silver follows Ethan to Cianwood. While there, he also steals a pokemon from Mania. It was a Sneasel. After that he fights the gym leader and then presumably follows Ethan back to Olivine, where, once Ethan's done with Jasmine, he battles her and gains another badge.

Silver then makes his way up to Mahogany Town - following the rumours of a red Gyarados at the lake of Rage. However, on arriving, he finds that it's no longer there THANKS ETHAN. So he leaves in a huff. Back in town, he notices that Ethan's vanished into the Mart, and on investigation it shows that there's a hidden stairway. Silver enters and somewhere along the way he runs into Lance and is beaten, rather badly, at a pokemon battle. He's furious enough that when he runs into Ethan a bit further in, he makes disparaging remarks before stalking off in a sulk.

It's only chance that he's at the radio tower in Golden Rod when Ethan tries too sneak in. He linefaces at lot and unmasks him, but tells him that he'll allow them to handle this - but in reality, it was just a ploy - he was tailing the boy in hopes of finding Lance. He reveals this to Ethan down in the base under the underground tunnel in Goldenrod. Another battle that he loses* and it's here that he starts to question himself, but informs Ethan that he's not going to give up his dream.

From there, he works on training his Pokemon, sparing them no mercy as he works to prove that he's not weak, gaining the last two badges along the way, before heading back to Ecruteak, where he loses to the kimono girls - though only just - He's told that he's not worthy of becoming a trainer to a legendary - not yet anyway. He bumps into Ethan again and off-handedly tells the younger kid to be careful - the girls are strong. He then leaves with his hands in his pocket - heading to Victory Road, crushing trainers in his wake. Though he did get lost a bit in Victory road, but near the end, he faced off against Ethan and lost*, though the match was a close one. Though this time, he at least managed to take it semi-gracefully.

He heads east, back across Tojoh falls and onto Viridian. Here he took to doing some training, determined not to be weak. Somewhere along the way, he picked up a backpack and turned 17.

Three months latter found him up in Mt Moon, training his pokemon when he ran into Ethan, having heard rumours that the Johto champ was missing from his post at the League travelling around. He was surprised to see that these rumours had truth, though even with Ethan being the champ, Silver's attitude towards him never changed. The battle though was incredible - two strong trainers duking it out in the caves, though eventually, Ethan came out on top, if only just, and Silver took the loss with far more grace than he once would have. He decided that he'd head to Dragon's Den and walked off to the local pokecentre. Pokemon healed, he headed off towards Dragon's Den.

After a short while training his pokemon, Ethan appears - it seems the boy had taken his advice and followed him. Not long after, Lance and Clair show up and together, Ethan and Silver manage to take them down, Silver's pokemon pulling through because the player kept reviving/healing them.

It's not long after this battle that Silver finds himself back in Vatheon.

( Personality ) :
Silver is not your friend - and he makes that clear from the get go. Even after he's had all the time in canon, he's still not your friend. Somewhat more friendly, yes, but. Not the player's friend.

Silver takes after his father in a lot of ways. He's selfish, cold, cruel and callous, not only to Pokemon, but people as well. He's implied to have father issues, presumably because he was raised with the mentality that the strong rule the weak and when his father was defeated, the man fled, leaving Silver alone. Silver saw this as major weakness. Not only had the man lost, but he was a coward, disbanded Team Rocket and fled, only thinking of himself. Should his father ever turn up again, Silver will be cold, bratty and possibly pitch a bitch about it. He does blame the man for leaving him - he was a coward, too. Why would he want to be associated with him?

That being said, Silver did at one stage hold love for him, but he's done a damn good job of pushing that away and focusing only on the negative. Silver's relation with his father prior to this was a bit distant, but loving. Distant as his father was Head of Team Rocket/a business man and a Gym Leader so he was pretty busy. Not that Silver minded - he had the best dad in the world who'd get him most things he wanted.

However, that hero worship is in the past, and today Silver is callous, especially in the way that he views his Pokemon: They are mere tools of war and he only keeps the strongest, releasing or abandoning those he deems to be weak and unworthy. He will never be the type to show more than passing concern for his pokemon in public unless it is extremely dire circumstances.

He still struggles with valuing the rest of his pokemon and being a less abusive trainer - when he first started on his journey, he treated his team roughly - considering them less than dirt for they were disposable. After almost a year and several heavy losses, he's getting better - gaining trust from each of his pokemon. While they get stronger, he still pushes them 'til they are exhausted and gives them no rest or quarter and this is noted to be a stark contrast to many other trainers who care for their pokemon. However, since the battle with Lance and the humiliating loss to Ethan at Victory Road, Silver has been working on how he treats his pokemon, resulting in his Golbat evolving into a Crobat. Though Silver's not one to allow others to see him being kind to animals. It's a weakness, and the less anyone knows about him, the better. Though heaven help anyone who dares to steal his pokemon. His property of course, he's not attached to them at all. Really.

Silver's attitude towards a happy pokemon can be summed up as this: The more happier his tools are, the stronger they seem so maybe it has some worth. All that matters in the end are strong pokemon, and if that means somewhat happy pokemon, then so be it. He's still strict and callous towards them, but not outright abusive. He's still got a lot to learn in this regard, so the while the going is slow, it's there.

With people, his attitude is much the same and will not make him friends easily; it can be implied that he's a loner, either by choice or nature and is rather abrasive and outright dismissive at points towards those he perceives to be weaker than him, even if they beat him at something, IE: Pokemon battle. They are, in his eyes, still weak and in his own words, a waste of time and effort. It's possible that he would, if presented with the opportunity, form a network of alliances that are useful to him, and over time, warm up to the idea of respecting someone even if they appear weak. He'd a person who judges a book by the cover. In regards to Ethan, Silver holds mixed feelings for the other teen. He hated him to start with, but over time, Silver's come to develop a grudging respect, but it's not a friendship by a long way. If pushed, Silver would protect the other, if only out of selfish interest.

Love, trust and friendship are not traits that he allows to show often and he ruthlessly suppresses them - a product of his father's abandonment at 13. Silver has a slight fear of this, and as a result, keeps people at arms length. It doesn't hurt as much, or so he fools himself into thinking. This is a viewpoint that has only started to recently change, slowly coming to realise that he cannot stand alone to reach his goals. That trust, faith and above all, love, are what will ultimately help him reach them. It is not an easy journey to say the least, but it's a road that Silver needs to travel down....

He's also started to mellow and somewhat thaw, even if he hides it behind cold words and harsh looks. It's more noticeable in his actions and how he's started to treat people. While yes, he still is a callous young man who's a bully, he's also starting to become somewhat 'kinder' towards others and he's generally less abusive towards his pokemon that he was at the start. He's started to form friendships - though he would hardly classify them as such. It's still doubtful that Silver realises this fully, given that he seems to be in a flux at this point of the game; He knows that he needs to change, but he's still very much the type of person who'd run away from the changes. At this point in time, the thought to return the stolen pokemon to Professor Elm hasn't even crossed his mind.

In his own words, he'll be the greatest trainer and that means only have the strongest Pokemon and if that means a legendary as well, then so be it. He only wants Pokemon that can win. Losers are tossed to the wayside. He's also stated outright that he hates (the current) Team Rocket and that when told they have returned, he scoffs at the idea. His father disbanded them and fled, but when shown otherwise, the Heir to the disbanded team clearly sets his mind of wiping the current incarnation out for good. This shows that once his mind's made up, nothing will change it, at all. After all, what good are weaklings? They'd only get underfoot right now. This is not to say that once Silver grows up a bit more that he'd carry the hate and bitterness around. Silver has never outright stated that he's no longer the heir, nor has he implied it, to my knowledge. He has however, stated, explicitly that that he doesn't want to be a coward like his father. Given the chance, Silver would risk his own life in order to prove that he's not coward. He'd the shrug it off and down play it though, even going so far as to dent that it had any selfless intent.

Noticeably in the games is his constant derision and condescending treatment of Ethan, going so far as to physicality push him aside once or twice and tell him constantly, that he's not good enough. It's also noted that he's like this with other trainers - he had no qualms about being a bully, or lying or deceiving them to get what he wants. The fact that he steals his starter is a hint to to the fact that yes, he's willing to do whatever he wants, even breaking laws. The fact that he steals his Sneasel is another big hint at this, showing that he's not afraid to physically bully another into giving up a Pokemon, or in fact, outright thievery of it. He's also not afraid to use a pokemon in such a manner, implying that he does what he wants and gives no fucks about it.

In a nutshell, Silver is cold, cruel, rough, hates the weak and is a bully. However, he does have the capacity to change - and is trying too, though it will take time and effort on all parts, and there will be more than a few backslides into what he knows.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
Not much is shown, so I did the best I could.
+ he's shown on several occasions to shove Ethan out of the way, showing that he's obviously fit and has decent upper body strength.
+ Borrowing from the manga, Silver's stated to be a bit of acrobat. It's reasonable to assume that this carries over to his game counterpart.
+ He's fast and fit.
+ Street smarts and battle smarts. He seems to be a bit of a detective as well, or at least good at spotting things.
+/- Heir to Team Rocket.

- Doesn't like the Rockets.
- Arrogant, condescending and callous.
- Daddy issues.
- doesn't make friends easily.
- has no problems stealing something, be it a pokemon or a pokedex ect.
- the weak are worthless mentality.
- is a bully.

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Silver | Pokemon | Reserved 2/2

[personal profile] brbstealingpknm 2012-10-01 03:38 am (UTC)(link)
( Other Important Facts ) :
There's no offical age for Silver, but he's at least a few years older than the MC is. He's keeping his Vatheon Memories and comes with a pokemon team based on the player choosing cyndiquil at the start..

( Sample ) :
[There is a grumpy, wet and very disgruntled Silver on the screen.] Tch. This place seems to really love me, huh? Right, whatever. It's not like I care.

[A lie. He does. He's silent for a while as he mulls things over. Being back in Vatheon means a lot of things to him; most of it, it's... home. Or, not o much home but a comfortable place to be, most of the time.] ... Tch. I guess I should ask what I've missed, who's still here from my world, or who has pokemon. One of you morons better be ready to battle.

Is Amane still here? N-Not that it matters if she's gone. [He looks away, arms crossed, but he can't hide that he does care about her and the thought that she'd have gone home... isn't one that he wants to entertain.] But it would be... you know, nice to know if my girlfriend's still around.

[A few seconds before he crosses his arms, looking even more disgruntled.] ...Hmph. Anyone up for a battle? My team needs the work out.

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) : Nope.
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Zack Fair | Final Fantasy VII Compilation (1/2)

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☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Kenkai
( Personal DW ) : Don’t have one I actively use. Feel free to contact me on Plurk @Kenkai_chan
( Age ) : 22
( Timezone ) : EST
( Other Characters ) : Rinoa Heartilly ( [personal profile] sorcery_fledgling ) | Final Fantasy VIII

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Zack Fair
( Character's Age ) : 23
( Series ) : Final Fantasy VII Compilation
( Canon Point ) : End of Advent Children Complete, when he walks out of the church with Aerith
( Playability ) : n/a

( History ) :

( Personality ) :

One would think that a genetically and physically enhanced fighter out of his Planet’s most elite military unit would be a bit more serious. While Zack has his moments and knows when to get down to work, he’s surprisingly cheerful and kind. He’s rarely if ever rude or standoffish to a stranger or someone he cares about, unless they’ve done something to warrant it. He’s usually wearing a smile, and has no problem approaching people and striking up a conversation. Part of this stems from him just being very outgoing. It’s also due to him having an incredible amount of confidence. In Crisis Core, an NPC asks Zack who’s the best looking person in Midgar. One of the dialogue options is: “Are you blind? Me, of course!” Luckily Zack isn’t obnoxious about his confidence. Rather, it just comes naturally to him. He’s good looking and a good fighter, and he knows it.

On top of that, he’s something of a flirt. When he first meets Cissnei, he thinks she’s a damsel in distress and immediately goes to her rescue. He’s surprised to find she’s a Turk. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop him from flirting with her a bit and trying to be charming. This is even more the case when he first meets Aerith. After crashing through the roof of the church she’s in, he quickly offers her a date with him in thanks for helping him wake up.

A lot of his more outstanding traits (his cheerfulness, flirtatiousness, naivety) slowly wears down a bit and is kept more in check as he grows older. Some of it is the result of simple aging; one does a lot of growing up between the ages of 16 and 23. But the events concerning Genesis and Angeal, and ultimately the actions taken by Shinra and SOLDIER make him become a little cynical. It’s seen in the later parts of Crisis Core: he’s less enthusiastic about his missions and a bit more sarcastic. Actually, more of his interactions in general take more of a snarky/sarcastic tone as the game progresses. Nonetheless, despite his development, he still remains an unfailingly happy ball of energy.
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Zack Fair | Final Fantasy VII Compilation (2/2)

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Seriously, he never seems to get tired or worn out. He’s always on the go and wanting to be doing something. Again, it eases off a bit as he aged and he’s more in control of himself, he always seems at the ready. Nothing stops him or deters him. Even when at his final stand outside of Midgar, facing down what seems like half the Shinra Army, he just scoffs at the “steep price of freedom” and proceeds to duke it out until he’s finally shot down.

Zack adheres to a strict moral and honor code, passed onto him by his mentor, Angeal. He always believes in his SOLDIER honor (even at the end, when Shinra is after him as an escaped fugitive) and believes in doing what is right. When first tasked with hunting down Angeal, Zack protests, despite orders. Luckily, Sephiroth agreed with him, and he was able to let Angeal remain out of Shinra’s grasp until his death. Seeing Genesis betray SOLDIER, calling its members monsters, and Angeal falling into despair over being a “monster” himself, makes Zack really step back and reevaluate what it means to be a SOLDIER and what holding onto your honor really entails.

Over time, to him, that honor became protecting his duty as a member of SOLDIER to protecting those closest to him. One thing about Zack that has never wavered is his loyalty. SOLDIER was important to him, yes, but Angeal was more important. So was Aerith, and Cloud as well, enough that he died protecting him in the end. He fought his way back to Midgar, the hub of Shinra, not only to save Cloud from mako poisoning, but to reunite with Aerith as well, even after four years of being trapped by Hojo. Sadly, it’s what ultimately brings about his demise, but it’s also what saves Cloud, and with his final breaths, he passes his sword and legacy onto Cloud.

Even in death, Zack retains his cheerfulness and optimism. He’s more at peace, since his troubles are over, but that doesn’t stop him from assisting and encouraging Cloud when he’s beaten down by Sephiroth in Advent Children, reminding him to remember his SOLDIER honor (even though he never made it into SOLDIER, but it’s the inside that counts!) and reminds him that he’s his living legacy.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :

- He’s a powerful fighter
- Confident
- Cheerful and outgoing
- Always willing to help out
- Very, very loyal
- He can be a bit cynical at times, especially concerning his past
- His never failing energy can be a bit off-putting
- Doesn’t always know when to quit
- He holds people to his standards and moral code, which can be a tall order
- Has a tendency to lecture when he catches you in the wrong

( Other Important Facts ) :
Zack has undergone mako treatments, making his eyes glow. It also makes him very strong and powerful, with some fast reflexes. I imagine it’ll be watered down while in Vatheon, but the glow should still remain. Other than that, nothing I can think of?

( Sample ) :

[Cloud was finally okay again. Relieved and satisfied, Zack turns around and walks out of the church with Aerith –

And finds himself smack dab in the middle of what looks like a plaza. Soaking wet for no apparent reason. In life and as a spirit roaming the Lifestream, with a strong enough will to interact with the living, Zack’s done and seen his fair share of strange things, but… this is new.

He inhales deeply, and that alone is enough to startle him. He’s breathing. Air in his lungs means life. But how? He’s been dead for two years now. How can he suddenly be alive again?

For that matter, how is he in an underwater city? As he looks around, he feels a sense of unease. Only Shinra could have managed something like this, and from what he can see, there’s no sign of Shinra technology around here. Not to mention an underwater city was totally unnecessary…]

Excuse me! Sir, can you tell me where I am?

[Someone who looks like a local passed by him, and Zack had taken the chance to step in front of him and ask what was going on.

His answer was a cheerful “Welcome to Vatheon!” before the local went on his way. The blank look and enforced cheerfulness was… a little disturbing. And where the hell was Vatheon? He’d never heard of it before.

As he scratches the back of his head, he notices something on his bicep. Lowering his arm, he examines it to find the mark of a foreigner. Well, this was interesting. Of course he tries to rub it off. And of course it doesn’t work.

It reminds him of a prison tattoo, and that’s when the idea of being kidnapped enters his mind. But how does someone kidnap a dead person? Still, he had just appeared here, almost like magic. He’s breathing and living like he hasn’t in two years. There was no denying that. How, he didn’t know.

Well, might as well not pass up the chance. He’s alive. Not every day someone can say they get a second lease on life.]

Oh, man. What a weird turn this day’s taken.

[If he’s gonna be here, he might as well gather some intel and get a feel for his surroundings, right?]

Locals seem a little loopy. I should probably try to find someone else to help me out.

[And maybe find a towel. ‘Cause he’s still wet. With that he sets off, a smile on his face as he takes in his surroundings.]
Wonder if Aerith got brought here, too…

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) :

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