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All right, so as you know, Nik will be stepping down from being a mod due to a dip in health. As such, we are hoping to find one or two new people to help strengthen our team. We're really looking for people who are willing to help out with the creative side, the coming up with curses, how to word an update, what sort of strange sea-creature shall we unleash upon Vath this summer side. And of course, always that fun old app reading. We've got our lists adequately covered, so we're not looking at adding an extra someone solely for managing those.

Anyway to get this whole ball rolling, if you are interested, please fill out a form. We'll be using this post as a general interest post, so don't worry about this form being your ONE AND ONLY SHOT to get in. We are planning to talk to the people who are interested a little more in private to make sure you are a good match for our team. This is more a post that will help us narrow down who all to talk to. It doesn't matter if you are new to Vatheon or have been here for two years, we're willing to talk to anyone who is interested in sharing this mod task with us.

Personal Journal:
Characters Played:
Times you are available:
Prior Experience: Do you have any prior experience as a mod? A game builder? a history of topping them tables? Anything that could possibly be of use? Tell us here.
Tell us a bit about yourself: Just as it says on the tin: tell us a bit about yourself. As much as we try to keep up with everyone, Vatheon got a bit big, so go ahead. Talk to us. Why would you like to help us out? Anything in particular you would like to help out with? What is your favourite dinosaur? You know. The important things.
Contact: If we would like to talk to your more, what would be the easiest way to get a hold of you?

Thanks in advance, already! Comments are screened.

-- Dees, Ten & Nik

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