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Quest board

◣ Quest Board ◢

On Monday morning, characters would find the Quest Board in the plaza standing there like it's always been there. On the board many, many (seriously how many?!) quests have been given out by the various NPCs of Vatheon. It seems that simply being relegated to an NPC role has immediately filled them with a sense of not being able to do anything on their own. And that is where your character comes in.

How does this work?.

As you will see below, each quest is structured in a similar way.
Given out by: The NPC who will be handing out this particular quest.
Quest description: What the quest will entail.
Reward: How many points the character will receive for completing the quest
Quest statistics: Other vital information about the quest not covered in the description. This might be alternative endings, what sort of fighting style to expect from the enemies, whether a quest can be filled multiple times or not.
OOC Quest requirement: And here you will find what you need to give us OOCly to get your points. Now, please understand, when we say link to a thread, we are not asking for the fully played out thread. That would be a bit too much to ask for! Rather, what we want to see is a good start at getting things together. If we don't feel you have enough yet, we'll mention it to you and you'll have a chance to thread it out more before we will give you the reward you deserve.
In general quests are going to be repeatable so everybody will have a shot at fulfilling that particular quest. A few quests will be limited, in which case we really ask you to consider whether or not you have enough time to sign up. If a quest is limited, it will be stated so in that quest's description.

If the quest your character is going on is not limited, all you need to do is comment to the quest to show your interest in doing it (this will be used by us to see which quests are popular and to possibly follow up if we don't hear back from you) and then when you have the requirements completed, please comment to your initial comment with the link or links in question. We in turn will then comment back to you and give you your points.

You are always free to fulfill a quest multiple times (unless it is otherwise stated on the quest) but if you are planning to do so, we ask that you post your links in a batch whenever possible. While we list the minimum requirements in the quest requirements area, you are free to do more if a particular quest strikes your fancy. Go wild!

If the quest is limited, the procedure is very similar apart from one thing. When you comment to show your interest in one of the quests, please do not go ahead and make a log or start plotting until we have commented back to you with the go-ahead. This is mostly to avoid you threading out things for nothing just because afterwards it turned out that the quest was already spoken for. If multiple people show interest at once, we'll try and find some way to get as many people to complete the quest at once as possible, whether that is via the NPC requesting it or people running into each other during the quest.

Most quests can also be fulfilled by a party. In that case, please have one person post to the Quest Board on behalf of everybody. Also, in the logs you link for the requirements, please make sure that every party member has posted at least once.

As for playing out the quests, we try to leave you as free as we can. The NPCs mentioned in the quests will be available for interacting with, possibly as part of the requirements for claiming a reward. However the monsters and such won't be NPCed by us. You are free to NPC those yourself. The attack pattern and/or monster type we mention in the quest description is a rough description and you are free to do with it as you wish.

Please check out the example. Thank you.
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Ioder the Bard is interested in this quest!
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Finished! Thread is here!
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Sola is interested in this quest, even if he isn't a bard.
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Fai is taking on the challenge~

Thread of him performing is Here
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Darkleer is interested in this quest!
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Roxas is interested in this quest! He has experience. :D
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Undertaker is interested in this quest. Thread can be found here.
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Darkleer is interested in this quest!
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Rainbow Dash and Davesprite are interested in this quest!