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Potion Shop

◣ Potion Shop ◢

Though this shop does not sell much, its wares might prove invaluable to you on your quests. The potion shop sells each of the five different potions available in packs. Most will do exactly as it says on the tin. A remedy will heal any of the different status effects your character might end up with. The following packs are available.

Health pack - 5 HP potions - cost: 3 points.

Mage pack - 5 MP potions - cost: 3 points.

Redcow pack - 5 Stamina potions - cost: 3 points.

Life pack - 5 Revival potions - cost: 6 points.

Remedy pack - 5 remedies - cost: 2 points.

Couldn't make up your mind pack - 1 HP potion, 1 MP potion, 1 Stamina potion, 1 Revival potion - cost: 5 points.

To buy any of the packs, simply comment here with which pack you want and how many and we will process the results. The points will be deducted from your character's overall quest total once the curse is done.

In addition to selling potions, this shop also buys items. If any of the quests delivered some choice loot onto you that your character has no intention of keeping, it can be sold here. Just post with the item in question and we will make you an offer for how much it is worth, at which point you will be able to accept our offer or not. Much like the potion buying, points gained from selling loot will be added to your character's quest total at the end of the curse.

Happy shopping!

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