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◣ Premise ◢

What would you relate to the sea?

For many, it's fishes, the color blue, coral -- yes, plenty of coral. What else though? Lost cities, perhaps? Maybe you slipped into a story, tumbled down a rabbit hole, or ... perhaps just drowned. That's what one would think when arriving in one of those cities, right? Welcome to Vatheon.

Our story starts below the surface of the water, just a good many feet down -- not enough to be at the bottom of the sea, of course, but enough that it's quite an impossible swim back. Air is quite a necessity, I'll say. Nevertheless, down below the ocean's waves is a dome, a bubble, a prison for some. As if held up by some invisible force, there is a barrier.

Inside the barrier? Is a city.

Lost cities, for sure.

A nicely sized city, clean and proper, with friendly residents and beautiful scenery. It's a paradise below the water, yet -- not everyone is able to visit. Pity. That's where you come in, dear reader. For such a magnificent city, there's only one way in and one way out. That's through the will of the god of the city. The great coral, Lamufao.

Through the whim and will of the deity, the Lamufao has decided to bring in people from other worlds. Why? Well, he needs your energy to keep the city afloat -- or, well, encased. The energy drained from the people from other worlds, the foreigners is what's used to keep the barrier strong and healthy.

... Despite the side effects.

That doesn't matter though, as long as the Lamufao is happy, the locals are happy, the Head Priestess is happy and... everyone is happy. That's what you want, isn't it? Enjoy your vacation, you'll be here for a while.

☆ ☆ ☆

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