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◣ Permissions ◢

We've noticed a growth in the number of characters with permissions memes. That's great, of course! But to better keep track of them, we ask that you please respond to this post with a link to your permissions post.

This is for permissions posts that require other player input. It is not for your own character's permissions! Please only post here if you need other players to respond to your post for certain powers or abilities.

This way, it will be easy to link new players to all of the permissions posts of all of the characters in the game, to fill in at their leisure.

Thanks for your help, everyone!

☆ ☆ ☆

GETTING STARTED: premiserulestakenreservesapplications
GAME INFO: faqthe citythe islandnostalgia nookwelcome brochureinformation database
OOC INFO: mod contactplayer contactdroppinghiatusresidency


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I mean soul perception permissions whuddever
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Wallace's Permission post

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Let Shiro badtouch you and give you powers

I mean. Permissions Post. Yup. =D;
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Anna's Permissions

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Right here!
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