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◣ Plot Summary ◢

Updated 1 / 18 / 2012

The Beginning

At precisely midnight on February 12, 2010, the new arrivals awoke in a strange, new world. With their clothing wet, their minds throbbing, and a lack of information abound, these newcomers were greeted with a large group of strangers when they first reopened their eyes. They were in the middle of a city plaza, surrounded by hundreds of people. These people remained gathered around, whispering under their breaths and pointing. After a few moments had passed, a dignified form had made her way through the crowd: The Head Priestess Thalassino. She greeted each of the newcomers individually, but despite their confusion, the foreigners were quick to learn: questions were not welcome in Vatheon.

The Festival

The foreigners were only in Vatheon for a little over a week when they were greeted with a large festival, filled with food and games and fun for all.

But despite the festivities, many found it hard to relax, wondering what this strange underwater world had in store for each of them.

Curse Week 1

Their fears were soon to be well-founded. On February 28, 2010, the foreigners fell prey to their first curse; they were unable to lie. Though mostly harmless, it left even more questions in the minds of foreigners, who were beginning to feel even more like prisoners.

Curse Week 2

This marks week four, doesn't it? You must be so sick of being here. We are glad you've stayed, though you don't have a choice in the matter. Your presence here is mandatory; we are all here to make you feel at home because this will forever be your home. And we would rather you be comfortable.

Things were soon to grow more serious, as the personalities of the foreigners were entirely flipped to be the opposite of what they once were. Though many of the foreigners preferred to not talk about this curse, its implications were all too clear: the curses could be dangerous.

The Doctor

The foreigners were introduced to three new oddities on the 1st of April, 2010: Doctor Alpha and Steve and Brad. These three seemed to know far more about Vatheon, but despite their questions, the foreigners were unable to learn much of use from the unusual and disconcerting doctor.

The Bomb

On April 3, 2010, having grown annoyed with the stagnant and answer-less time spent in Vatheon, Eyes Rutherford convinced Matthew to cause a bit of a disturbance via a small bomb. Cheshire was caught in the explosion, but seemed to manage to leave behind only his collar, much to the confusion of Klavier Gavin who started up an investigation.

The ruckus was quick to die down, but it was obvious that the foreigners were growing tired of being held prisoner.

The Flood

Then, on April 19, 2010, things changed. At first, all the foreigners heard was a simple crack. And then? Then the city began to flood.

The crack in the barrier was quickly stopped, and the flood never became too dangerous...but Alpha, Thalassino and the natives had all seemed shaken for the first time. And for the first time, it was possible that Vatheon wasn't as stable as it had seemed.

The Ball

Things seemed to take a turn for the better on May 16th, when the city was transformed into the scene of a beautiful ball. All of the foreigners found themselves in perfectly fitting formal clothing, and were instructed to simply enjoy the festivities.

Despite the good cheer, many of the foreigners could merely wonder why the natives would go to such troubles for them.

The Murder

Their fears were answered, in a way, by the murder that took place on May 23rd, after a week of festivities. Alice(?) was found dead; murdered, and the only clue was a simple, white chicken feather.

Why was he murdered? By whom? Though they searched for answers, there were none to be found, except that Sanctimonia seemed equally startled and upset. What did this mean?

Curse Week 6

"'Something's... gone wrong. Something's happening... you'll pay for your imprudence. I'm so sorry - I... as your leader, I should have done something ... please don't lose hope.'

[ the feed cuts ]"

With the sixth curse week came a shock: monsters invaded Vatheon, familiar to some and utterly foreign to others. The foreigners fought them off tooth and nail and managed, for the most part, to remain safe, but they knew, irreversibly, that their captors were not all-powerful...and that some of these curses were out of their control.

The Storm

Starting the 1st of June, something unusual began to occur: clouds began to gather at the top of the barrier, and, even stranger, Vatheon began to have unpredictable weather.

From rainstorms to Christmas in June, the weather seemed volatile and utterly unpredictable.

The weather seemed inexplicable, and as the curse weeks continued perfectly on schedule, it made the foreigners wonder...was this another curse, or something else entirely?

The Theft

On July 6, 2010, Matthew broke into the Church, barely, and managed to steal some documents, which were then broadcast to all of Vatheon with Naoya’s help. This gave the foreigners plenty to think about and discuss, but the most worrisome detail was clear: were they truly only test subjects?

The Fire

Then, on July 29th, the unthinkable happened: along with the unpredictable weather came a dry and heat spell, and, suddenly, the Church caught on fire. It seemed that nobody was hurt in the fire, but while the Church was quickly closed off from the foreigners once again, one thing was noticeable, and that was that there was an unusual amount of technology within the walls of that Church.

The Set-up

The city remained peaceful for some time after that unusual event. But on August 8th, just when everyone began to feel relief, there was what seemed to be a small...earthquake.

And not long after that, the water around Vatheon changed, now tinted with a sickly green, and if one were looking could see what seemed to be dead fish floating by.

Tense and wary, still, the foreigners could do nothing but wait for the worst.

The Invasion

Their wait was answered and their fears confirmed when, on the 15th of August, a number of what appeared to be zombie mermaids invaded the city, melding right through the barrier and attacking the citizens, native and foreigner alike. Though the foreigners held their own and slowly were able to fight the creatures back, they were not without casualties: a number of deaths of the foreigners showed them all that their imprisonment was far more than merely a nuisance.

The Scorching

But not all was lost.

Just when it seemed the invasion would never end, on August 22nd the weather changed again--scorching hot, causing the zombie fish creatures to crumble where they were and fade to nothing but dust and nightmares.

And the city returned to an uneasy, wary peace.

The Disappearance

The uneasy peace lasted until September 12th, in which the foreigners noticed something strange...Their fairies, which had been a constant presence since their arrival to Vatheon, we simply gone, as if they had never been.

They had no answers for where they had gone or what had happened to them, and they could do nothing but wait to see what, exactly, this meant.

The Arrivals

And then people began to arrive--not foreigners, but people alike to the natives. However, one thing that everyone noted about them was that they were all bloody and if they had been through a fight of some sort.

But no matter what questions the foreigners asked, these "new natives" always responded with one thing: "I'm tired".

The Return

Suddenly, the fairies were back, and as the "new natives" were integrating themselves into Vatheon as if they had lived there all their life, it was easy to imagine that nothing had, in fact, ever changed.

What did it all mean?

There weren't any answers, as far as the foreigners could tell.

The Week of Frights

Thus came Halloween week--the week of October 24th-31st.

It started out benevolently; each of the foreigners found himself or herself in a nice suit or dress, along with a fancy mask, as if for a masquerade. But as the week drew on, they found themselves forgetting things...about themselves, perhaps, or about the people around them. By Halloween, some of the foreigners had forgotten themselves entirely, or all of their friends and enemies.

When Halloween ended, they remembered everything and the masks had disappeared, leaving the foreigners shaken and no closer to answers than before. Was it a curse week? Or was it something more?


It didn't seem too notable at the time. It certainly was over quickly. Someone wearing nothing more than scuba diving gear came through the barrier, walking right up to Alpha and offering him a...letter.

...It didn't seem to please Alpha, but by that point, the diver had left as fast as he had come.

Christmas Wonders

Christmas week started out much the same as that of Halloween, warning the foreigners that not all was well. They found themselves again in nice masks and formal wear...and as per their predictions, they soon found themselves seeing dead people. People that they missed, people gone from their lives.

It caused pain for many foreigners, but just when they thought they could take it no more...Christmas came, and the ghosts were gone, in their place being a large tree with a present for each and every foreigner. In the presents?

The thing each foreigner most dearly wanted.


A ship crashing into the barrier was unusual enough. Unusual enough, in fact, to split the coral in two. But the foreigners didn't get long to ponder this; then the ghosts appeared, pirate in appearance and manner, terrorizing the city from midnight to morning and then disappearing...only to reappear the next night.

But soon, the heroes of the city were able to band together and find the cause of this madness, destroying the large, tumor-like object in the middle of the ship and leaving the ship...there.

And the pirates seemed to decide to stick around as well, making the pirate ship a permanent fixture of Vatheon, though they are much more friendly (and also more drunk) now.

Fright Night

And then everything grew far darker. A shadow descended on Vatheon, leaving with it some misery and gloom, and a lot of confusion. It seemed not everything was stable in Vatheon, and it could very well get worse. But nothing was quite certain yet, so both natives and foreigners could do nothing but hope for the best.


And then, with the close of April 1, 2010, things suddenly changed a bit in the bubble.

Just a bit.

And then there was the stomping of heavy feet. The harmless dinosaurs appeared first, herbivores and the smaller critters.

But things couldn’t stay like that long. The only warning was a vicious roar and then the carnivores, the deadly dinosaurs appeared.

The foreigners fought not for the city but for their lives—and the dinosaurs slowly dwindled, until each and every one of them had been eaten or defeated or…disappeared.

Maybe those creepy, smiling nurses had something to do with it?

The Rejuvenation

With the disappearance of half the natives of Vatheon, an inevitable side effect of any dinosaur invasion, the city has been quiet and abandoned looking the past week. The remaining natives have continued to trudge on, repairing damaged buildings and trying their best to keep the shops running to their best ability.

However on the morning of the 21st, that all changes. Overnight the number of natives has doubled again, even going beyond their original numbers. It does not seem to be a case of revival however. Instead all the old, deceased natives seem to be replaced by new, cheerfully smiling men and women.

And the oddest thing perhaps is that when questioned about their sudden appearance or even about what has happened and the lives lost, that they just laugh and smile. Nothing is said by them except that that was an excellent joke, but really they have been here for as long as they can remember, happily living out their lives in this dome, created and protected by their God, and oh, would you perhaps want a scone? They are on the house!

The Disappearance

Things returned to a relative calmness after that…Too calm, really. When May rolled around, suddenly the constant presence of the good doctor Alpha was simply…gone.

Alpha disappeared. And nobody could say a thing about it.

The Great Game

And then Vatheon became an RPG for a week, thanks to the tastes of the coral. Those who were unfamiliar with the genre quickly became very familiar indeed.

Wow, it’s almost like it’s all for the entertainment of someone watching, isn’t it?

This curse came to a close with a large, native-run tournament. They took it very seriously, didn’t they?

The Shadowing

And then, in July, the high priestess herself contacted the foreigners of Vatheon, requesting that they follow a curfew.

When asked as to why, all she could say was that it was too dangerous to be out at night now, in this city.

Though any foreigners that explored were quick to see why.

A shadow stalked the streets of Vatheon, and any foreigner caught in its grasp found themselves waking up in the plaza a few days later…wet.

What was happening in Vatheon now?

The Destruction

And then, the shadow descended upon the church. It reduced the place of sanctuary and secrets to rubble. And then it disappeared itself…never to return?

The city seemed to hold its breath then…Because without the church, what could happen next?

The Opportunity

With the destruction of the church and the disappearance of the high priestess, Alpha took his chance. He reappeared, calling for Vatheon to create an elevator, and quickly—

Because he was going to fulfill his promise for Vatheon to see the sun.

Meanwhile the church ruins were eagerly explored…opening up to a cavern deep below.

Were there tunnels beneath Vatheon…?

The … Fish

And then, from those caverns and tunnels, came the fish monsters. The creatures invaded Vatheon viciously, but through a combined effort, the foreigners were able to beat them back and protect themselves and their friends and even the natives.

Eventually the creatures simply…ran out.

But it begged the question—What else is down there?

The Bigger Fish Kraken!

And then, crawling to the surface, came the monstrous, large Kraken. It wrecked havoc on Vatheon, shrugging off everything the foreigners threw at it, unbothered and focused on one thing—destruction.

But the foreigners worked hard. Deep below in the caverns, a few adventurers, with the help of a brave Mrs. Brisby, found their way into a mystical chamber and in that chamber.

There was the magical banjo.

Many a character tried their hand at the magical banjo, twanging tunes and royally pissing off the kraken. And then Demyx picked it up and with a quick few moments, the beast had been lulled into a stupor. It crawled off to rest then, tiredness restored.

Haven’t you ever heard to not wake up a kraken? They get very grumpy about it.

The Surface

And then the elevator was finished.

With the combined efforts of the foreigners, the natives, and the newly appeared Station Master, the elevator was finished.

But when they went above, the foreigners didn’t find anything all too promising. In fact…the island seemed abandoned and empty.

And there was no sun.

The Kidnapping

The natives, excited about the island just as the foreigners were, set up a party, which fell on October 31, 2011. That’s right. A Halloween party.

But it didn’t last long before it was ruined by the Station Master ushering all of the people below water once again, stating that there was a storm coming.

It was only when they were safe that they realized that there were some foreigners missing. But the storm raged and the elevator was inaccessible for three days…and then the characters rushed to return to the island. But things were…a little different. An eerie fog covered the island, and while they were quick to find their kidnapped friends, something was different about them too.

Namely that they were dressed all in white, a band around their wrists with a number. They looked…like a lab experiment. And they acted as if the other foreigners needed to come with them as well, needed to come with them quickly. If not…they grew a little violent at times. But some were able to snap their friends out of it, and they found a source to the fog—a well. Filling the well with rocks and debris managed to stop the eerie fog, and for now…the island seemed safe.

The Celebration

With that, the island grew calm and inviting and so did the bubble itself. Thalassino and Alpha both were missing still, but overall, things seemed like they were going fine. The natives, recalling the holiday the year prior, began to decorate for Christmas, even creating an odd Jolly Prowler of their own, purple and with a cow companion who would duck around leaving odd presents of fish and sardines.

The natives also encouraged the hanging up of stockings, which, on December 25, 2011, were filled with a nice little gift from home.

How pleasant, right? Maybe the coral wasn’t all bad.

The Imploding

And then on January 14, 2012, the fairies exploded, showering fairy guts and sparkles all over the residents of Vatheon.

What could possibly be happening now?

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