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◣ The Curses ◢

Welcome, welcome!

Have you gotten your clothes dry yet?

Found something to towel off your hair yet?

Good, good! You must be feeling right at home.

There’s only one other thing you need to know about Vatheon.

Every once in a while, the coral begins to glow,

and something odd happens to those that have touched it.

Their marking glows as well, and then…

Well, things change.

The longer your character stays in Vatheon, the longer they will notice that they aren’t feeling quite... well. It isn’t anything pressing, not at first—perhaps some queasiness, or a headache. As time drags on, however, their condition will worsen, from things such as fever, insomnia and light-headedness to physical illness and fainting spells. And they will only worsen until they receive treatment, though it shall never be life-threatening.

The treatment? That’s simple.

All your character must do is touch the Lamufao.

There is no other cure, and your character will begin to feel better immediately after touching the coral. Furthermore, your character will begin to feel a pressing need to touch the coral, at least once a month. Once the coral is touched, your character’s marking will begin to glow, brightly enough that it can be seen under any clothing, and your character will feel instantly revitalized, healed and simply happier than before.

And then once, every once in a while, as of January 2011, the curse starts.

Curses range from anything so harmless as animal ears to the loss of your character’s abilities. You never know what the Great Lamufao will cause.

Curse weeks are, generally, optional. If you would prefer your character not be affected, they simply will have not touched the coral and will be feeling rather ill. However, some events will be marked as mandatory, so keep an eye out for those!

Curses are now random, but they are not gone! An event post will be put up to alert you as to the next curses effects and when they have ended.

If you have any curse suggestions, please post them here! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them below!

For your convenience, here is a list of past curses that have stricken the bubble. There is no promise that a curse might not be repeated, of course, but for now...

1. Inability to tell lies
Each character found themselves incapable of telling even the most minor of white lies this week with Vatheon's first curse!

2. Personality swap
Characters suddenly found themselves...acting completely opposite from normal. Kind characters might suddenly be nasty to their friends; the meaner ones seemed strangely...kind.

3. Canon abilities disappear
This week, the characters were incapable of using any magical powers they might have brought over from their home world. Complaints were had by all.

4. Personal soundtracks
It was a very musical week when every character was followed by a soundtrack of sorts, music that seemed to change based on their mood and what they were doing. It was very very loud.

5. Loss of senses
Each character lost a single sense this week: smell, touch, sight, hearing, or taste.

6. Monster Invasion: Noise
This week the bubble was invaded by some odd visitors, namely Noise a la The World Ends With You. They weren't too dangerous. Just watch out for the sharks.

7. Animal ears and tails
Much as it says on the tin, this curse involved everyone ending up with some sort of animal feature. It was mostly harmless. Mostly.

8. Camp Vatheon
It's hard to explain.

9. Rubber ducks
It rained rubber ducks. Much glee was had, except for those afraid of ducks.

10. Musicals
It was like something straight out of Vatheon: The Musical--every character was constantly bursting into song. It ended with this. That's all that matters.

11. Fairies disappear
A very calm curse this was! The fairies following each character simply...disappeared! They came back the next week though. What was that all about?

12. Bodyswap
A number of characters found themselves in someone else's body this week, whether it be a stranger or a friend. It was tough to say which was worse, really.

13. Halloween
This one was a complicated one. Every character found themselves wearing a mask and formal clothing that they just couldn't quite get off. And from there...they slowly started to lose their memories. It only lasted a week, thank goodness--but it was a very unpleasant Halloween.

14. General party curse
Drunkenness? Party poppers? Peppiness and insanity? That was all this curse was. Better get out the party hats!

15. Intensified senses
Because Vatheon has a sense of humor, following on the heels of the party curse was an intensified senses curse, in which everyone felt their senses but more. That way they could feel their hangovers better.

16. De-aged week
Around this time, all of the people in Vatheon found themselves...a little younger than they remembered. Or didn't remember, as the case was. There were a lot of small children running around.

17. Christmas;
Much like with the Halloween curse, suddenly the Vatheonite foreigners found themselves in formal wear and masks. And from there, as the week dragged on, they started to see the ghosts of loved ones not there or people they'd lost.

18. Rumors come true
With this curse, every little innocent comment or rumor stated early in the week? By the end of the week, it'd come true. As can be imagined, it was quite the mess.

19. Thought bubbles
Following around every character this week was a little bubble that displayed their thoughts for the world to see. Sometimes the thoughts were less than coherent. Cookie triangle blue, to quote Gamzee.

20. Stuck in an RPG
This week, everyone had a class and a username! With the monsters running around, it seemed to the more genre savvy characters that they were now stuck in a video game. To top it all off, at the end of the week there was a fighting tournament. It was won by a pony.

21. Canon powers swap
To make things even better, from there characters found their powers completely switched (and sometimes their species as well), to the powers of another canon. Try not to blow yourself up.

22. Hats Hats Everywhere
This week there were a plethora of hats around--harmless, right? But those hats tended to change your personality the moment you put them on--less than harmless, perhaps.

23. Age-shift spell
During this week, some residents were not quite the age they remembered being. Some got aged up, some got aged down. Lots of babysitters were needed.

24. Fa-la-la-la-la
This week, it seems that the season got to those affected. With christmas close by, suddenly some characters found an inexplicable urge to sing carols. Only carols. It was the season to be jolly.

25. Confessions Confessions
And then characters were just unable to keep their big mouths shut. Regardless of if it was true or not, characters were making all sorts of embarrassing confessions this week. Whoops.

26. Fairy tales
All characters seemed to change accordingly to a role in a fairy tale. Fairy tales, tall tales, folk tales - all were fair game, although only a select few were chosen as royalty. Characters' attitudes, attire, and motivations were changed accordingly.

27. Sicknesses
And then everyone was suddenly stricken by an ailment. Nothing too serious with the worst being a simple cold, although some of the illnesses were a little unorthodox or just plain silly as well.

28. Somatheon
Characters suddenly found themselves having weird, vivid dreams that were displayed on the network - SFCs were suddenly replaced with "Dreamberries" and the environment seemed to be shifting as well.

29. Flower Power
Suddenly flowers everywhere. Not just any flowers, either - these flowers, when given to another person, would provide a mood boost. That's right, the urge to give these flowers to people and subsequently cheer them up was hitting everyone. It was all very harmless, not to mention sickeningly sweet.

30. Canon powers swap II
Not this shit again... Characters suddenly found themselves devoid of their own powers (if they even had any) and now able to use a power not even belonging to them. Not only that, but a tournament was held to urge characters to compete against one another with their new-found abilities.

31. Minor inconveniences
Everything just seems to be going wrong for everybody during this week. Including but not limited to mass power outages, SFCs malfunctioning, and language glitches that caused trouble for everyone.

32. Sink City ft. Virtues
Everyone's emotions went haywire this week in drastically opposing ways - ways based on the seven heavenly virtues and the seven deadly sins, that is. Characters found themselves overindulging in specific traits to ridiculous proportions.

33. Body Swap II
A revisitation of an old curse. A number of characters found themselves in someone else's body this week, whether it be a stranger or a friend. It was tough to say which was worse, really.

34. Rumors come true II
It seems to be the year of the sequels in Vatheon. Did you hear that someone liked crossdressing? Was a normally stoic character busting out in songs? Looks like rumors are coming true and the locals are helping to spread the word.

35. Animal Swap

Animal characters became human, while trolls and humans have changed to animals. Don't eat anything fowl, it could be a friend.

36. Living Fear

From sunset until sunrise, characters were haunted by their worst personal fears, either physically or a representation of what scares them the most. The fears were only seen by their respective owners until they confided with others.

37. Stuck on You
Characters found that any time they touched someone, they wound up stuck as if they were glued together. The time they were stuck could have lasted only a few minutes, or for a full day.

38. Grab Bag
Forced to confess, Canon/power swap, Minor illness, Random inconveniences/Bad luck, Sins & Virtues, Body swap, Rumours coming true, Animal curse, and Stuck together are all curses that could be inflicted on the characters of Vatheon for the week.

39. Age Swap II
The revenge of the age swap. During this week, some residents were not quite the age they remembered being. Some got aged up, some got aged down. Lots of babysitters were still needed.

40. I had a dream.
Depending on what button is clicked on the SFC, then characters will have one dream of their past, present, or future shown on the network.

41. RPG Curse: Redux
This is just a repeat of the first RPG curse. There are NPCs to interact with and Quests to go on. Characters could level up their job class and abilities as well.

42. A Gain and a Loss
Ever wanted to be able to do something or wished for something on a whim? For one week, the characters have their little desire granted, but at a price. Hopefully it was worth it.

43. Unable to tell a Lie

44. ?

☆ ☆ ☆

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