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◣ Nostalgia Nook ◢

In the heart of the Lower District,
In the center of a cluster of shops,
There is a small area called the Nostalgia Nook.
What's inside there? Well, see for yourself.

As of 12/25/10, Vatheon has grown a new area that shifts and changes as much as the rest of the city does. Shops appear and disappear on a whim and in the center of the circle of shops always reflect the mood the city appears to be in. When it's happy, you will find a small park area with an even smaller koi fish pond. People who come into the area will find themselves suddenly extremely happy and full of cheer. On the other hand, when the city is sad, people will find a broken down playground, dangerous for children and adults alike. There may be rats that will bite you or broken pieces of metal strewn about. Anyone entering this area will feel extremely sad and lacking hope.

But that's not the main part of the Nook!

The main part is the shops. When characters enter the stores they will find that some seem awfully familiar to them. These are shops based around character's home worlds, bringing items from there and even small pamphlets giving a synopsis of what that world is like (all purposefully vague of course, other characters won't be able to get secrets about others from it). All sorts of things can be found there, it's up to YOU, the player, to describe it below.

As of 2/6/11, things in Nostalgia Nook are no longer free. They cost Starfish Tokens, which may be earned throughout the city, through all sorts of jobs or tasks. More information can be found here and here at the FAQ!

Fill out below the little form below describing your character's stores. If more than one character shares the same homeworld, comment underneath that character's original comment to avoid spam and duplicates.

Please keep in mind that other characters might not agree with your shops or that it might cause confusion later on in the game. Be responsible with your shops and when the entire canon leaves Vatheon, the comment will be deleted. Have fun, and enjoy!

☆ ☆ ☆

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GAME INFO: faqthe citythe islandnostalgia nookwelcome brochureinformation database
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zelda_hylia: Hyrule's Princess (Default)

Hyrule Market

[personal profile] zelda_hylia 2012-01-07 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
Series: The Legend of Zelda
Shop Name: Hyrule Market
Shop Description: A quaint little shop with a rather creepy owner who seems to have a deep fondness for bizarre masks. Many things from Hyrule can be found in this shop. There is an entire wall devoted to tunics of all sizes of three varieties (red, blue and green) that seem to be enchanted somehow, but their purpose is not stated explicitly. Other clothing from Hyrule is available as well but it holds no special properties. A small selection of weapons and shields is available, with basic swords, arrows, bombs, pouches full of hard seeds, slingshots and bunches of large nuts of an unknown purpose. The main attraction of the shop is the delicious Lon Lon Milk, said to have restorative properties in addition to its excellent taste. On your first visit, you will be given a bottle to keep the milk in. For any future visits, you'd best bring the bottle back or you won't be given any milk!
bufudine: (roger that :|)


[personal profile] bufudine 2012-01-25 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Series: Digital Devil Saga
Shop Name: Vendor
Shop Description: This particular shop appears to be built directly into a wall of the Nostalgia Nook, marked only by a door with an odd yellow symbol. When you step inside, you'll see that there aren't any shopkeepers... and not very much in the large room in general. But there's a podium at the far end of this room which has a slot that's curiously shaped to fit the card from you SFC in it. It even has a little symbol indicating the card right above the slot. Put your card in the slot and turn... and voila! The goods have arrived!

The items stocked are all combat oriented. There are items that are medicinal in nature (all very potent; these are made for the battlefield, after all), as well as items with spell-like effects. If you want items to attract or repulse demons, the Vendor has those, too! There are also guns and ammunition. Lots of guns and ammo. Expect all but the very basics (i.e. ailment curing medicines) to be very expensive; the creator of the Vendor had wanted its customers to fight for their survival, not have it handed to them on silver platter.

Anything that you pick up and don't replace when you take back your SFC card from the podium is considered SOLD. If you don't have the tokens for your purchases, you won't be able to remove your card until enough items have been put back, and no one is allowed to leave the Vendor while there's still a card inserted in the podium.

A full list of items sold by the vendor can be found [HERE].
asea: (54)

[personal profile] asea 2012-06-18 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
Series: Tales of Legendia
Shop Name: Radiant Peddler
Shop Description: An orange red booth with a conic roof. Flowers and intricate carvings line the interior where the owner sits, while samples of products are displayed on the front. Overall, it's a tiny shop.

Products are heavily fashion-inclined, being attires and accessories from what the pamphlet describes to be "mythological creatures." All pieces of clothing are white and outlined in blue, generally reaching below the hips for men and the knees for women, complete with sandals or boots. Common accessories are earrings and tassels. Examples: males, females

The peddler also offers an assortment of potted flowers.
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Fortune's Market

[personal profile] radiantwingedone 2012-06-24 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Series: Tales of Vesperia
Shop Name: Fortune's Market
Shop Description:

Generally speaking, Fortune's Market is one of the five Master Guilds, and has members in almost all of Terca Lumireis' towns and cities. There's only one merchant to deal with, usually carrying a pack on his or her back and a small stall set up with some goods on display. It's built into a wall, with a small sign showing a handful of black bottles, and a black blobby thing on a yellow background.

The merchant sells a variety of items, and you can synthesize items if you have the right ingredients – which unfortunately are harvested off monsters that aren't in Vatheon, so Synthesis isn't available.

In general, he will sell:

A variety of Gels and Bottles for healing (Apple and Lemon for physical wounds, Orange and Pineapple for healing MP/SP/TP, Melange and Miracle for a mix of both, and Lottery if you want a chance of full heal or barely heal), a selection of weapons; blades - oversized and normal sized -, axes, spears, hammers, staves, 'wands', scarves and belts, chains and whips, light and heavy sword-bows, daggers. There's also a selection of armor, and strange things called Attachments.

For hilarity's sake, the "Memo" is attached to the item on a small tag.

(I'll update with better pictures/more Attachments at some point, shhh.)
tsundyne: (a know it all)

[personal profile] tsundyne 2012-07-19 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Series: Persona 3
Shop Name: Paulownia Express
Shop Description:
At a glance, Paulownia Express seems to be just a pharmacy. Shelves are lined with medicine as patrons first walk in, and there is a refrigerator or two near the first cashier which seems to hold several restorative drinks, for anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up. There are pamphlets at the counter, which the cashier will happily offer anyone who shops-- detailing information about Iwatodai and Tatsumi Port Island in general. One might get the feeling that they're a visiting tourist, even.

However, the store is bigger than it looks.

As you go deeper into the store, one might see the back wall lined with weapons. Bows, guns, spears, axes, swords; and a more gruff looking cashier who may be cleaning or caring for some of said weapons-- all of which are for sale.

The tone of this section of the store is starkly different, but taken together, one could say the store as a whole is perfectly designed to prepare for battle. The natives who run it seem quite happy to serve, hopefully, it won't very often be necessary...

(( For those of you familiar with Persona 3, this is basically a hybrid of Aohige Pharmacy and Officer Kurosawa's shop at the police station. See other Persona 3 related stores here! ))
has_too_many_moles: ((anime) sneaking around)

The Church

[personal profile] has_too_many_moles 2012-09-14 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
Series: Ao no Exorcist
Shop Name: The Church
Shop Description: At first glance it would look like a small single story church with stain glass windows but as soon as you step inside you will see it is everything but your everyday church. Instead of pews to sit down and pray on there are large shelves stocked with various herbs, minerals, and liquids all neatly listed in small writing that tells it's Latin name, medical uses,and what sort of demon it is best used against. Past the aisles there is an opening where there are more stand alone shelves filled with various holy scriptures and manuscripts. Towards the very back of the shop there are four confessional stalls- but like everything in this store they are not your average confessionals. The very first one is connected to the second confessional to create the register to buy your goods from the nameless and faceless "father", while the other two confessionals are rather empty except for the ordering boxes inside. The ordering box inside the third confessional lists a series of various firearms on one side while on the other side lists different types of bullets that range from tranquilizers, elemental based ones, simple paint filled ones, blanks, holy silver bullets, and even the everyday sort of bullets. Meanwhile the ordering box in the fourth confessional is where you can place your Bulk orders.

The Church is rather nice but not so nice upon your pockets- everything they have is of the finest quality and justifiably high in costs.
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Camp Store

[personal profile] fundemetal 2013-06-05 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
Series: Percy Jackson & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
Shop Name: Camp Store
Shop Description: A shop that looks very much like the store at Camp Half-Blood. There are racks full of t-shirts with sayings like "MY OTHER RIDE IS A CENTAUR", "PARTY PONIES: VATHEON CHAPTER", various souvenir shirts from places they've been to including "THIS IS A DAM T-SHIRT", and orange "CAMP-HALF BLOOD" t-shirts. Plain purple t-shirts can be found at any regular store should any Roman demigods arrive and want them. Also available are nectar and ambrosia, celestial bronze, imperial gold, Greek and Roman style armor and shields, as well as any important items they might wish to retrieve from home.