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◣ Secret Event Sign up ◢

Here is where you can come sign up for the secret event. The sign-ups will be screened so you won't know yet who is in and what item they'll be bringing to the table.

Again, as a quick reminder. If you want to sign up, please keep this in mind about the item.

× First off, we are not looking for items that a character cannot be without. So no worries, your soul gems/magic diaries/etc are safe.

× It is the sort of item a character will notice when it goes missing. So something they use or check on daily. Something that is buried in the back of the metaphorical closet is probably not so good.

× As for the nature of the item, it should be something at least somewhat precious to your character. So don't sign up with the silverware! Instead, think of an item that they might have a fond emotional connection to (like Grandma's watch) or maybe something of theirs they use in an embarrassing hobby they haven't dare tell everybody about yet (we see that movie collection) or even a fond memento of friend they made here but isn't here anymore. The sillier is probably be the better but it is up to you.

× The item will be disappearing from the ownership of the character for anything from several hours to maybe a day or two at best, however the item will be returned to your character untouched.

× In the event we don't have enough sign-ups to make the event really fun, we'll let you know and we'll just move onto some of the other stuff we may or may not be planning to give you some Christmas fun with.

The deadline for signing up is Thursday the 13th. If enough people sign up, the event will be held Saturday the 15th.

Please use this form for sign up.