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◣ Valentine's day ◢

Here is the sign up sheet for the Valentine's day blind date event. To keep things simple, please only sign up your own characters here. ICly, it doesn't matter if someone else signed them up, but OOCly we only allowed the actual mun of the character to do so. This to prevent miscommunication issues or people getting signed up against their will. If you want your character in, but they would not be the type to sign themselves up, and you do not know anyone else who would, post here anyway. We can always assume some NPC tossed their name up on the list.

The sign ups will be screened, and the match-ups will be up to the unpredictable hand of fate. On Wednesday the 13th, we will post a match-up list on the OOC-comm. Then on the 14th, the actual event log will be posted. As such, sign ups will be open until Tuesday the 12th of February, 23:59 pm EST.

Please use the following form for signing up.