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Information Database

◣ Information Database ◢

Welcome to the database! This is a collection and notation of the information gathered by the foreigners about their situation in Vatheon, information that has been pried from the mouths, computers, and papers of the natives and the scientists of the bubble.

ICly, this database is put together and maintained by the following characters (players);

Tech (Aspen)
Denzel Crocker (BlueSpikey)
Dirk Strider (Silk)

The information is kept on the network, and all characters (not just maintainers) can submit to it and access it using their SFCs. If information has been released publicly, or the conversations are not filtered, then anyone who has read them is free to submit. However, closed conversations or information known only to a few characters can only be submitted by the characters that know about it, of course.

Submission form:

Please note! This is player run, so if there are any questions, please contact one of the maintainers listed above!

☆ ☆ ☆

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OOC INFO: mod contactplayer contactdroppinghiatusresidency


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