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RPG event - Quest NPC Contact

◣ Quest NPC Contact ◢

Below is a place to thread out quick little conversations with the NPCs that aren't worth an entire log. Vatheon's staple NPCs will have postings here, and all the other new quest NPCs will simply be listed under the "Quest NPCs" comment header. Please put in the subject line which quest you're talking with an NPC about!
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[Even Rin knows to get some of the easier ones out of the way first, and skills are always good in these sorts of things, so he figures this is a good place to start before he heads up to the island with his dad.

He waits for Shiro to go first, wandering around a bit before finally approaching.]

So you're the one we're supposed't talk to about the warrior quest?
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[That's... a little disturbing, ngl. Cool. But disturbing.]

Uh. No, not really. Actually I figured it might be a good idea to jump on this early. If... that's okay, I mean.
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[He is used to being pushed to his limit, though, heightened demonic stamina or not.

And even if he wasn't expecting to get attacked, he's still more ready for it than he probably looked like he was going to be. His sword is out in a second, the blade getting swung up to catch the handle of the hammer.

Quick as he was though, he still winds up wincing, finding his arms shaking after just a second of resisting. He really is weakened, compared to his normal state, and he's really not sure he likes it at all.]

Sh... shit you're strong... !

[Thank you, Captain Obvious.]
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[Rin certainly had a "shit shit shit" moment at that, but he was tactful enough to keep it in his head, though his eyes went absolutely huge as he tried to dodge and keep from getting struck. This was his first quest, he didn't want to go down so fast!

But skills being unlocked as needed was a thing, and if there was one good thing about having to adapt to being a demon, was that adapting at all was a skill Rin already had.

It was like a bell going off in his head, and as an attack narrowly missed his nose he jumped back-]

I got it! Now it's my turn! ADRENALINE!

[and charged forward, swiping his sword from the left as hard as he could.]
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[Nope. He doesn't feel it. He will later, probably. But for now he's going to bask in the excitement of his little victory and actually jump and yelp happily.]

YES! I so got it! Awesome!

[Achievement Unlocked?

Okay now he notices the blood.]

... Uh. You gonna be okay?
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Uh. Right. Okay...

[He's not used to other people being able to do that, NPC or not. But if she's sure...]

Well thanks.