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◣ The Island ◢

The Island

The island itself is roughly oval shaped, taking about a day to a day and a half to cross on foot, travelling from east to west. To the south, high cliffs rise, protecting the island from strong winds and waves. A deep bay cuts into the island to the west, creating an almost picture perfect vacation location. Warm sandy beaches lie between the water and the open lands and woods further inland.

Much of the island is covered with vegetation, ranging from open grasslands to thick forests with the occasional clearing within them. A broad path appears to cut the island in two, and there is no mistaking it: this path was man-made. While it is no asphalt road, it is definitely to neat to be a natural phenomenon.

Or in picture form, it would look roughly like this.

The sea around the island is mostly calm, but if anyone was thinking about escaping by boat they will find two big barriers. One is the mosasaurus that still swims happily in the sea around Vatheon, eager for any easy prey. It does not come close to the island, making it safe to swim in the seas near it, but the farther out a character goes, the more dangerous this marine reptile becomes. It has been known to headbutt and attack any boats that seem to linger for too long on the water.

And if characters manage to get past this fearsome guard, they will find another barrier in their way, namely... well, a barrier. In a wide circle around the island, another invisible barrier stands, similar to the one that keeps the water out underwater. Though this one is clearly designed to keep something in rather than out. The barrier seems to be endlessly high. There is no barrier above the island, however no matter how high a character will fly, there is no chance of crossing the barrier that surrounds the island.

Abandoned Village

On the west side of the island, just past the broad beach lies the abandoned village. It’s an odd collection of very similar looking houses, built in a ribbon. Most of the houses are small, capable of housing two, three people at best, but there are some biggest buildings too: a large hall, a building that appears to have been a storage place of some sort, though all the items inside have been removed and a few others, so badly eroded that it is hard to guess their original purpose. All of the houses were left abandoned, some meagre possession still inside here and there, but overall, it just seems like whoever lived here previously vanished without a trace.

When a crack appeared in the barrier surrounding the city of Vatheon, renovations were put in motion to make part of the village livable. City was flooded, but it was fix. As of May 12th 2013, People are free to claim the restored homes as their own.

Near to the village is also the entrance to the elevator that takes people down underground.

North Forest

To the north of the path lays a large sprawling forest. It is rather inviting, with large clearings here and there, and even a huge lake further into the forest. Fruit can be found in this forest as well, some familiar to the foreigners and some unfamiliar. If you are craving some fruit from back home, you might want to explore this part of the forest and see if you can get lucky.

The lake is further into the forest, surrounded by a broad grass land. In the middle of the lake is a small island, perfect for a private intimate get-away. A stream meanders from the lake to the coast line, but it seems the source of the lake comes from underground. The water is sweet and good for drinking, should your character fancy any.

South Forest

To the south lies another forest, stuck in between the path and the cliffs that line the island in the south. Unlike the forest to the north, this one is not nearly so inviting though. It seems darker in this part, always just a little bit colder and covered with a faint fog.

Oddly enough, it is impossible to actually get into this forest. Characters might try to get through, but they will inevitably get lost within ten minutes and get twisted around enough until they wander out right where they went in. No matter what magic or skills the characters use, they cannot get beyond this odd barrier.

And for those thinking to skip that little part and fly over and land in the middle, they will find a barrier actually repels them from doing so. Any who tries gets thrown backwards violent. Repeated attempts at crossing this protective barrier will lead to burns and drained energy.

Inside the line of trees, though still clear of the barrier, lies an old battered well. Once this well was the source of a dark mist that had covered the island, playing tricks on the minds of all those who came to the surface, but ever since the deep opening was filled with rocks, no more danger has been forthcoming.

As of August 2012, the barrier is no longer active as it was destroyed along with a majority of the forest, subsequently revealing the secret laboratory.

Secret laboratory

Visible after a portion of the northern forest was crashed into by Yami in August 2012, a CLASSIFIED RESEARCH FACILITY was discovered. It was protected from the detection of foreigners prior to its discovery with the use of a barrier. The lab itself was found half-destroyed and abandoned - any equipment within it will likely take a lot of work to get up and running again.

A map also was found within the facility itself, and further exploration has proven it to be accurate.

Containment - Dorms - Entrance - Various labs - Main lab - Submarine exit


Up on the cliffs, near the small abandoned harbour stands the lighthouse. The huge white building rises high above the cliff. Much like the village, it too is abandoned. Oddly enough, the first time when examined, there was a trail of foot prints in the dust on the floor of the lighthouse and an odd pale spot on the wall; like something had been hanging on the wall there that had been removed in a rush.

As of April 26th, in the third year of Vatheon (2013), the lighthouse was blown up. Nobody has restored it yet.


All the way across the island, on the end of the long road lies a small harbour. It literally nothing more than a pier and a small office that might have once been used for keeping paperwork in. There are no boats though, not even the tiniest of dingy.

Animal life

The island is not lacking when it comes to animals; the seas, the skies, the island itself, all are filled with all matter of wildlife. Wildlife that is both known and unknown to the characters. The majority of animals certainly seems earth like, though nothing bigger than a deer calls the island its home. However occasionally, in between the deer and squirrels, animals from a characters home world can be found too. And then there are some animals that seem to be completely native to the world of Vatheon, such as those odd squittens that call the sea their home.

Speaking of the sea, the sea surrounding Vatheon is filled with colourful, almost tropical fish, ranging from small to big. Most will leave you nicely alone, though there is always that fearsome Mosasaurus to contend with. This creature, once drawn into Vatheon for a curse, has made the sea around the island its home and tries to ward anyone off from coming close to the barrier. Occasionally, off in the distance, whales can be spotted, though they never get close enough to the island to cross the barrier.

Apart from the Mosasaurus, characters are always free to try and capture, kill, or communicate with the animals on the island. The animals regardless of their original home world are all simple animals, having no more intelligence than one would expect of any animal. They all have one thing in common however: none of them will go near to the dark forest in the south. However should your character be able to communicate with animals and question them, the animals are not afraid of the forest. It is more like the very fact that the forest is there is not something that seems to register to their brains. Even if brought there, they will try and escape as soon as possible, not remembering they were there in the first place.

☆ ☆ ☆

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