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◣ Hiatus ◢

Taking a trip? Need a break? Post it here!

NOTE: The longest time frame a single hiatus can last is one month. If you passed one AC with a hiatus, you must pass the next AC with regular activity. We understand that this sometimes is not possible, in which case you must contact the mods as soon as the problem crops up. Permission for an additional hiatus or an extended hiatus will only be granted after speaking with the mods first.

Please do not delete your hiatus posts. When you return from hiatus, it is not necessary to respond back here. Just start playing around again, and we will notice.

☆ ☆ ☆

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[personal profile] toreadorkabull 2013-07-16 12:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Athy ( [personal profile] awillowweeping )
Departure Date: 7/16
Expected Return Date: 8/16
Characters Affected: Tavros Nitram | [personal profile] toreadorkabull | Homestuck
shesapir8: (Default)

[personal profile] shesapir8 2013-07-17 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Nutmeg ( [personal profile] meginatree )
Departure Date: Now
Expected Return Date: 14/8/13
Characters Affected: Marquise Spinneret Mindfang | [personal profile] shesapir8 | Homestuck
r4d1c4l_kn1ght: (Default)

[personal profile] r4d1c4l_kn1ght 2013-07-20 04:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Second ( [personal profile] secondhandact )
Departure Date: Now. Today.
Expected Return Date: 08/10
Characters Affected: Latula Pyrope | [personal profile] r4d1c4l_kn1ght | Homestuck
bootsweremadeforcasting: OOC Icon 2 ({You're the Couch})

[personal profile] bootsweremadeforcasting 2013-07-22 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Colonel ( [personal profile] colonelofspades )
Departure Date: 7/21/2013
Expected Return Date: (Hopefully) 8/10/2013
Characters Affected: Jade Curtiss | [personal profile] bootsweremadeforcasting | Tales of the Abyss

Anders | [personal profile] uhitwasntme | Dragon Age
bestestfurrend: (@///@)

[personal profile] bestestfurrend 2013-08-01 09:29 am (UTC)(link)
Chelle ( [personal profile] lejlkwiet )
Departure Date: August 2nd
Expected Return Date: August 23rd
Characters Affected: Nepeta Leijon | [personal profile] bestestfurrend | Homestuck
terranullius: (Default)

[personal profile] terranullius 2013-08-02 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Fox ( [personal profile] fantomfox )
Departure Date: August 1st
Expected Return Date: August 14th (or thereabouts)
Characters Affected:
Terra | [personal profile] terranullius | Kingdom Hearts
Mr. D | [personal profile] thewinedude | Percy Jackson & the Olympians
terranullius: (the end)

[personal profile] terranullius 2013-08-16 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
I'm actually requesting to extend this until September 3rd or so. Real life is beating me up a lot more than I thought it would.
fistfullofmagic: (Default)

[personal profile] fistfullofmagic 2013-08-02 07:46 am (UTC)(link)
Endless ( [personal profile] anendlesssong )
Departure Date: Now.
Expected Return Date: I'll just go with the 1st of September, though I'll probably be back a bit sooner than that.
Characters Affected: Dhaos | [personal profile] fistfullofmagic | Tales of Phantasia
pierrotdemonique: (Default)

[personal profile] pierrotdemonique 2013-08-05 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
Faust ( [personal profile] signontheline )
Departure Date: 8/5
Expected Return Date: 8/13
Characters Affected:
Mephisto Pheles | [personal profile] pierrotdemonique | Ao no Exorcist
Ronald Knox | [personal profile] diehardreaper | Kuroshitsuji
Suoh Mikoto | [personal profile] ignisinfernale | K
Scanty | [personal profile] antianarchy | Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Edited 2013-08-05 02:59 (UTC)
chickshades: (Default)

[personal profile] chickshades 2013-08-05 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
Lauren ( [personal profile] throughthegreenlights )
Departure Date: 8/7
Expected Return Date: 8/15
Characters Affected: Saburouta Bandou | [personal profile] chickshades | K
crackpotcrocker: (Live Action Stare)

[personal profile] crackpotcrocker 2013-08-05 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Bluespikey ( [personal profile] bluespikey )
Departure Date: 8/6/2013
Expected Return Date: 8/14/2013
Characters Affected: Denzel Crocker| [personal profile] crackpotcrocker | Fairly Oddparents
crackpotcrocker: (Stars)

[personal profile] crackpotcrocker 2013-08-25 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Back >.> almost forgot about this
stridercentric: (Guardian Style)

[personal profile] stridercentric 2013-08-05 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Meowzy ( [personal profile] madonnya )
Departure Date: 6th of August
Expected Return Date: 15th of August
Characters Affected:
Bro Strider | [personal profile] stridercentric | Homestuck
Honey Kisaragi | [personal profile] honeyflaaash | Cutey Honey Flash
spiria: (⌠ modest ⌡)

[personal profile] spiria 2013-08-08 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Taco ( n/a )
Departure Date: 8/08/2013
Expected Return Date: 09/08/2013 at the latest but likely earlier.
Characters Affected:
Kohaku Hearts | [personal profile] spiria | Tales of Hearts
Yuri Egin | [personal profile] openminded | Ao no Exorcist
Hilda | [personal profile] ourlegends | Pokemon Black/White
preciousmemories: (Scolded)

[personal profile] preciousmemories 2013-08-09 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
Caitlin ( [personal profile] spinastoryshallwe )
Departure Date: 8/09
Expected Return Date: 8/24
Characters Affected: Tatara Totsuka | [personal profile] preciousmemories | K
Colette Brunel | [personal profile] clumsyblonde | Tales of Symphonia
radiantwingedone: (Must have been quite a miracle)

[personal profile] radiantwingedone 2013-08-28 04:56 am (UTC)(link)
Caitlin's sister here, may she extend her haitus until 9/07? there was a death in the family.
radiantwingedone: (Default)

[personal profile] radiantwingedone 2013-08-09 06:52 am (UTC)(link)
Samm ( [personal profile] dreamoftrees )
Departure Date: 8/9
Expected Return Date: 8/18
Characters Affected: Duke Pantarei | [personal profile] radiantwingedone | Tales of Vesperia
Anna Kushina | [personal profile] aprettyred | K
radiantwingedone: (Must have been quite a miracle)

[personal profile] radiantwingedone 2013-08-28 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
May I extend Anna's haitus a bit late? There was a death in the family. Possibly until the 4th, sorry.
paladaddy: (Default)

[personal profile] paladaddy 2013-08-12 03:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Mandy ( [personal profile] maplepancakes )
Departure Date: August 12th
Expected Return Date: August 19th
Characters Affected:
Shiro Fujimoto | [personal profile] paladaddy | Ao no Exorcist
Bekku Nanaki | [personal profile] findsrisks | Ann Cassandra
Yotsuba Koiwai | [personal profile] fourleafed | Yotsuba&!
akapeanut: (Default)

[personal profile] akapeanut 2013-08-13 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
PLAYER NAME ( [personal profile] eise )
Departure Date: 8/12
Expected Return Date: 8/21
Characters Affected: Jane Crocker | [personal profile] stubbornskeptic | Homestuck

aaand it's so short that if she can just be on autopilot (aka letting me tag back into posts later if i want >>) then that'd be nice!
symmetrophile: (Default)

[personal profile] symmetrophile 2013-08-14 08:13 pm (UTC)(link)
DAWN ( [personal profile] symmetrophile )
Departure Date: August 27 2013
Expected Return Date: September 5 2013
Characters Affected: Death the Kid | [personal profile] symmetrophile | Soul Eater
iinventedpouty: (Default)

[personal profile] iinventedpouty 2013-08-15 12:05 am (UTC)(link)
Departure Date: Wednesday August 14th
Expected Return Date: No idea.
Characters Affected: Klarion | [personal profile] iinventedpouty | Young Justice
shirleyhopeful: (Default)

[personal profile] shirleyhopeful 2013-08-21 02:09 am (UTC)(link)
Risa ( [personal profile] desuoverload )
Departure Date: 8/20/13
Expected Return Date: Not sure but I'll be back around 9/5/13
Characters Affected:
Bianca | [personal profile] ourfirststeps | Pokemon (Games)
Shirley Fennes | [personal profile] shirleyhopeful | Tales of Legendia
darkasnight: (Default)

[personal profile] darkasnight 2013-08-23 11:37 pm (UTC)(link)
very small hiatus

Lassie ( [personal profile] lachrymosity )
Departure Date: 8-26
Expected Return Date: around 9-13 roughly
Characters Affected: Night | [personal profile] darkasnight | Ao no Exorcist
redcladidealist: (Up at the stars)

[personal profile] redcladidealist 2013-08-27 11:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Nivi ( [ profile] nivisecond )
Departure Date: 8/28
Expected Return Date: 9/3
Characters Affected: Lloyd Irving | [personal profile] redcladidealist | Tales of Symphonia
keepsthefire: ([✠] ah fahk)

[personal profile] keepsthefire 2013-08-28 01:31 am (UTC)(link)
JeniOctavia ( [personal profile] jenioctavia )
Departure Date:8/27
Expected Return Date:9/3
Characters Affected: Rin Okumura | [personal profile] keepsthefire | Ao no Exorcist
Characters Affected: Hubert Ozwell | [personal profile] dualbladewarrior | Tales of Graces f
Characters Affected: Yashiro Isana | [personal profile] parasolspinning | K
Characters Affected: N | [personal profile] unwrittenformula | Pokemon Black/White

Putting this up early. I'll probably still be doing some tagging up until I leave the morning of the 29th.
howamanlives: (Default)

[personal profile] howamanlives 2013-08-28 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
Razorsaw ( [personal profile] razorsaw )
Departure Date: August 27th
Expected Return Date: Once I recover from health issues
Characters Affected: Daimon Masaru | [personal profile] howamanlives | Digimon Savers
Kamiki Izumo | [personal profile] twintailedtamer | Ao no Exorcist
halfhearted: (Default)

[personal profile] halfhearted 2013-08-28 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Pan ( [personal profile] pantastic )
Departure Date: August 28th
Expected Return Date: September 18th
Characters Affected:
Vani | [personal profile] halfhearted | KH
Celes | [personal profile] vectorsnow | FFVI
Faris | [personal profile] seablaze | FFV
fallenstar: (On a cloud)

[personal profile] fallenstar 2013-08-29 07:42 am (UTC)(link)
Lysoke ( [personal profile] lysoke )
Departure Date: 8/29
Expected Return Date: 9/4
Characters Affected: Jet Link | [personal profile] fallenstar | Cyborg 009
fulmination: (Default)

[personal profile] fulmination 2013-08-30 07:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Danny ( [personal profile] sanidalin )
Departure Date: 8/30
Expected Return Date: 9/7ish, maybe?
Characters Affected: Demyx | [Bad username or unknown identity: ninthserenade> | Kingdom Hearts Solf J. Kimblee | <user name=] | Fullmetal Alchemist
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez | [personal profile] jagermeister | Bleach

I may be around here and there but otherwise I'll be really scarce, hence the hiatus! Damn AT&T
heartandsoul: (Default)

[personal profile] heartandsoul 2013-09-01 07:24 am (UTC)(link)
Mozart ( [personal profile] owlzart )
Departure Date: 9/1 (though I should have done this earlier I'M A FUCKIN MORON)
Expected Return Date: I need to finish my homework and start studying like a good student, who knows
Characters Affected: Maka Albarn | [profile] badasscutie | Soul Eater
Jade Harley | [personal profile] spacecase | Homestuck
ourjourney: (Did I say Diglett?!)

[personal profile] ourjourney 2013-09-03 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Zel ( n/a )
Departure Date: 9/3
Expected Return Date: 10/3, most likely earlier. Need to get the hang of this new college and work schedule.
Characters Affected: Hilbert | [personal profile] ourjourney | Pokemon Black/White
Edited (messed up the coding by accident ) 2013-09-03 23:58 (UTC)
apersonjustforme: (Watch | I wanna walk on your wave length)

[personal profile] apersonjustforme 2013-09-06 07:32 am (UTC)(link)
Lisa ( [personal profile] faysdarkangel )
Departure Date: 06/09
Expected Return Date: 23/09
Characters Affected:
Chii | [personal profile] apersonjustforme | Chobits
Bloom | [personal profile] ofthedragonfire | Winx Club
Minako Aino | [personal profile] soldierofloveandbeauty | Sailor Moon
fundemetal: (22)

[personal profile] fundemetal 2013-09-06 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Lils ( [personal profile] fukuda )
Departure Date: 9/6
Expected Return Date: 9/20
Characters Affected:
Leo Valdez | [personal profile] fundemetal | Percy Jackson
Rose Lalonde | [personal profile] cephalopodcounselor | Homestuck
unconchonable: (oh god please put your shirt on)

[personal profile] unconchonable 2013-09-09 06:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Zorn ( [personal profile] zornsable )
Departure Date:9/9
Expected Return Date:Either 9/23 or 9/30
Characters Affected: Eridan Ampora| [personal profile] unconchonable | Homestuck
lovedbyflowers: (Default)

[personal profile] lovedbyflowers 2013-09-14 07:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Namika ( [personal profile] namikala )
Departure Date: 15 Sept
Expected Return Date: 1 Oct
Characters Affected: Labrador | [personal profile] lovedbyflowers | 07-Ghost
420: (pic#1234325)

[personal profile] 420 2013-09-17 08:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Dees ( [personal profile] dees )
Departure Date: now
Expected Return Date: dunno, a week, two weeks?
Characters Affected: Gamzee Makara | [personal profile] 420 | Homestuck

I basically need some time to make some decisions and I'd rather do that without a pressure to play.
wavesofjade: (06 ♍ You Start To Grow Up)

Posting for Dev!

[personal profile] wavesofjade 2013-09-19 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Dev ( [personal profile] batatadesofa )
Departure Date: September 19th
Expected Return Date: When his laptop is fixed! Hopefully three weeks at most.
Characters Affected: Amaimon | [personal profile] demonicdiabetes | Ao no Exorcist
Edited 2013-09-19 21:04 (UTC)
shippingmath: (son of a fuck)

A retroactive hiatus

[personal profile] shippingmath 2013-09-21 04:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Silk ( [personal profile] silkweaver )
Departure Date: September 7th
Expected Return Date: September 21 (today)
Characters Affected: Dirk Strider | [personal profile] shippingmath | Homestuck
Kurloz Makara | [personal profile] zipperlips | Homestuck