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◣ Rules ◢

be polite.

Everyone is here to have some fun! So, sure, you may disagree with others but remember to be polite and just try to respect others. If something is too big of an issue and you need something to be done about it, contact one of the moderators. Even if we're not sure how to help, we will try to do our best to be fair and remedy the situation.

no god-modding.

This is when one player controls another player's character, to keep it simple. If a fight is taking place between two characters, always remember to keep your tags open-ended so the other player doesn't feel that you are forcing their character to do certain things! It's a general rule too, not just for fighting. Just remember, you only control your character. Reread your tags and make sure you're not assuming actions of the other character. If something feels off, there's nothing wrong with changing it! Protip: Talk to the other mun OOCly first if you have any questions about a thread! It'll help in the long run.

remember the setting.

Your character is trapped in another world -- a complete dimension from their original one! This means there is no summoning and characters are weakened! The coral drains your character's energy to keep the barrier strong, so unless the summon is coming from their own personal body (for example, a Persona) it won't work!

Characters are also expected to touch the coral regularly to revive their energy. Use common sense too! If a character does something intensely powerful, they will be drained of their energy much quicker than going about their daily lives. This will cause them to need to touch the coral more often until their energy is at its peak again!

no playercest.

If your characters are interacting with one another, that is against the rules! RP like this is about branching out across canons and talking to other characters. Not making your own characters interact with each other. That's why we don't encourage apping characters from the same canon! Yet, if you are sure the characters won't interact, then you can apply for only two characters of the same canon. This will be double checked to make sure they won't interact so make sure beforehand. If it is absolutely necessary that two of your characters interact for some reason, feel free to come to the mods so that we can work something out!

no original or AU characters.

Sorry but at this time, there won't be applications for original characters or alternate universe characters. On the other hand though, we do allow doubles of sorts. Like Zack Fair from FFVII and Zack Fair from Kingdom Hearts will be allowed. Along with double protags like MC and FeMC from Persona 3.

be active.

Every month an Activity Check commences to clean up the RP in regards to idle characters and to make sure everyone is being active! The requirements are as follows:

A) Two Posts or Logs (with at least one reply)
B) One post or log and five comments on a (different) thread
C) Fifteen comments (with two different characters)

If you have any questions in regards to the AC, do contact one of the moderators and we'll be happy to help!

have fun.

That's all there is to it. This is roleplay -- pretendy fun tiems! We're all here to have fun and be creative, so just try your best. If you have any questions about anything, contact a moderator and we'll do our best to help! :)

☆ ☆ ☆

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