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◣ The City ◢


The city itself is shaped like a circle with a dome overhead to keep the water out. There are three tiers of the city, the highest (and most northernly) point being the upper district where the church once was. The middle district is the second tier where most shops, restaurants, theaters and even more are. It is the most bustling place in the city though housing can still be found there. The lower district is the third, most southernly, and final tier in Vatheon. The lower district has most housing ready for the taking. There are also a few hotels located around it, if one doesn't want the messiness of having their own home. And further done, near the edge of the bubble are some warehouses, some filled and in use, some empty.

Coral and trees line the streets of each tier. The tiers are connected by gently sloping hills, with staircases at three points on each tier. And you will notice that most buildings around Vatheon are made of bluish colored stone and brick. So please, if you ever need new housing or want to open a shop just contact the Head Nurse. She'll be happy to help you.

As of 10/06/10 different bubbles -- wings -- quadrants of the city have appeared. After a bit of going back and forth between the locals of Vatheon, they have decided to name them Quadrants. Do enjoy the features provided by them all!


Most foreigners when arriving in Vatheon will arrive in the plaza. It's a small circle of shops, restaurants and market stalls with a few fountains and right in the middle is the great Lamufao. It glows blue and whenever you're feeling tired or weak -- just touch it to revive yourself!

The Lamufao is not just 'great' in name. The large coral spreads throughout the plaza, the biggest cluster of it being smack dab in the middle. Long tendrils of the coral spread throughout the plaza, creating pathways and even small flower gardens around the plaza. It only raises to three and half or four feet high at most and is very careful to not disrupt walking areas, having curved the right way to not make anyone trip. After all, the Lamufao is very protective of its citizens.

The roads here are all paved with cobblestones and lots of small cafes take up the area with a few clothing shops and one drugstore for anyone who arrives injured. All shops, market stalls, restaurants, and anything else are equipped with lots of towels for newcomers!

There are four roads splitting off the Plaza. North, south, east, and west. The north road will take you to the stairs leading to the upper district, while the south will lead you to the lower district. The east and west roads lead you to other places in the middle district (east for the park and west for the library).

Former Church & Cave complex

The highest point in the upper district was once home to a gorgeous great Church, attended to by a local priestess. The Church was forever closed to the foreigners, hiding a great many secrets. However on 07/24/11, a great shadow settled over the city and destroyed the church. The priestess, Thalassino also disappeared on that day, though rumour has it she is still in the bubble somewhere.

The site would not remain bare for long though. Soon after, the ground cracked through, revealing a long network of caves that run deep underneath the city. These caves once housed a hideous breed of fishmen, but it seems they have all been cleared out. Entrance to the caves is open to anyone, and at its deepest point, a great underwater lake can be found, as well as a giant set of ornate doors, behind which a legendary banjo is being kept to ward off further Kracken attacks.


Following the east road from the Plaza, you will soon come across a large park. It's filled with trees and small grass covered areas, with a few paths cutting through, the largest one going from the north end of the park to the south end of the park, the second largest going east to west, just like the Plaza. There is a large pond with a bridge crossing over it in the middle of the park, with a few species of fish swimming around in it. There are also ducks, so do have fun feeding them!

On the north end of the park, there is a small field, ready for anyone who wishes to spar, play some sports, or just sunbathe. Then, towards the south, there is a small grove of apple trees, if you would like to have fresh apples. Our gardener is happy to share his crops. Speaking of the gardener, this is a large greenhouse in the park for anyone who wishes to breathe in the plantlife.


And towards the west from the Plaza is the Grand Library, a large building with marble steps leading up to the also large front doors. There are a few pillars on the stairs also. The library is open 24/7 to whoever wishes to indulge themselves in fantasy for the ages. There is a librarian on staff but she is always looking for new people to help her organize the large collection of books, so please don't be scared to ask her if you'd like to work there.

Current employees: Serph


Going farther south from the Plaza, one will come across a five story high building with tinted windows and blue lights decorating it. It's rather flashy compared to the rest of the city but seems to blend in well nevertheless. There's a sign hanging above the entrance that reads, simply, 'Casino'.

Inside you will find regular casino games, an indoor swimming pool, and a very high class atmosphere. There's even a nightclub on the third floor for whoever wishes to partake in dancing. Residential suites are available.


Both not too far from the Plaza and not too far from the Casino lies the only residential building in the Middle District - the hotel. Hotel rooms take a very specific type of keycard that is only active for a week. These keycards are generally attained from a specific gathering and are intended for brand-new foreigner usage only. It is, however, possible to attain a keycard by paying for it - although keycards that are payed for will only remain active for a week as well. Perhaps useful if you've gotten kicked out by a roommate or need to go into hiding for a while!

Medical Clinic

Run by the town doctor, Alpha, until his disappearance, and taken over by the Head Nurse afterwards, there is a clinic for whoever needs their wounds attended too. Situated near the park, it's a clean and hospitable place, perfect for anyone who needs to feel better. Please don't mind the nurses and their almost creepily large smiles. They mean well.

Employees: Kazutaka Muraki


The lower district is where one can find most housing. A list of houses and residents, as well as job opportunities and notices can be found on a bulletin board in the plaza or on your SFC. It will automatically change once you have claimed your own housing.

South-East Quadrant

The first of the quadrants to appear, this is often simple called "the Forest" because that is what it is. A large lake is in the middle of the entire quadrant, with the rest of the place being filled with dense forest, making it the perfect atmosphere for whoever felt deprived of nature while living underwater. Animals native to forests can be found here, such as deer, squirrels, birds, snakes, and so on and so forth. A few of the foreigners have also decided to make it their home, so be careful when you're walking through!

On the edge of the forest, on a stretch of grass land, a small stable can be found with available horses for those that wish to go for a short ride. And deeper into the forest, a small hot-water spring can be found for those that wish to relax or that are perhaps suffering from stiff or sore muscles.

South-West Quadrant

After a series of unfortunate events, a new section opened up in Vatheon. Like the first, just diagonally across from it in the lower district is an almost deserted, dreary looking area where smack dab in the middle is quite a large pirate ship almost half buried in the ship. If that wasn't enough, pirate ghosts linger about the area, ready to talk the head off or steal something from anyone who comes across them. The ship seems deserted enough but when one enters, the scene changes immensely, stranding them in a labyrinth like pirate ship with many turns, traps, and puzzles to face. Nothing deadly as before but instead, more of an agility course.

North-West Quadrant

Much like the forest, the carnival came into being with little more than a pop and some creeper sound effects. But it's merely got some rides, much like an amusement park and a carnival all wrapped into one beautiful package.

You do have to pay to get in, though all of the rides and games once inside are free.

North-East Quadrant

And here can be found the elevator, through the efforts of the good Doctor Alpha and all of the foreigners who worked on it. Rather impressive despite its not particularly large size, the elevator stretches all the way from the edge of where was once the church to the top of the bubble and the island above.

Next to the elevator stands the cheerful little house belonging to the Station Master. White picket fence, beautiful rose garten, the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting out from the opened window, yes, the Station Master has it made. He's always there to take your character up and down, no matter the hour of the day. He won't even ask why. But don't think your character can sneak off and ride the elevator without his help. It seems the ruddy thing just won't go without him on it.


In order to keep things as uncluttered as possible, we've moved player run buildings and shops here.

Island information can be found here.

Housing and residency will be found here though!

If there is any location you want more information on, please give us a little nudge on the mod contact page and we will be more than happy to provide more insight.

☆ ☆ ☆

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