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welcome brochure

◣ Welcome to Vatheon ◢

Hello, newcomer.

Welcome to Vatheon, an underwater city.

We apologize, but this is where you'll be staying for a while. Vatheon is literally located in an entirely different world and dimension from your home or familiar territory. If you're not yet aware of the existence of other worlds, you will soon learn and be convinced as you meet the other foreigners.

Foreigners? I'm not the first one?

Yes. We're the same as you! Having to suddenly wake up here without a clue of why or how.

You'll learn that a person is a foreigner if they have a tattoo somewhere on their body and carry a StarFish Communicator (to be explained later).

The rest of the people who do not have these are the locals, meaning that they are originally from this world and have been here since the beginning. You may ask them about Vatheon, but they will merely give you obvious facts or dodge the topic completely. This is one reason why we know little of this world.

All our knowledge is learned from experience from our length of stay. You'll be doing the same, in order to eventually find out the truth and why we have been brought here. But please do not panic. You're not alone and we'll do our best to assist you with your arrival! We will all make it together.

The Vatheon Welcoming Committee

◣ What You Need To Know ◢

Getting Started

☆ Housing and Necessities

For foreigners, everything that you will need can be provided to you - free of charge. This includes food, shelter, clothing, and anything else. We don't know the reason why they provide us this for free, but perhaps it's a token of apology. For residential issues, you simply need to sign yourself up on the residency list. There are only a few hundred foreigners in Vatheon at best, so this can also be a great way to find out if there are people from your world here to help you get settled! Temporary residences (such as inns or hotels) are also available, should you prefer them over apartments or houses.

☆ Starfish Communicator

↪ ( An explanation of what is the SFC and how to use it is indicated here. As a refresher, you may read this section ("What's a starfish communicator?") of the FAQ. )

☆ Nostalgia Nook

This shopping area mysteriously can provide you with items from yours, and other people's, original worlds.

As of February 6 of Year 2, the items in Nostalgia Nook are no longer free. Foreigners must first earn Starfish Tokens before they are able to purchase anything here. The tokens are stored in a card that every foreigner now arrives with. In order to earn tokens, one must get a job and work. If you can fight and have a lot of free time on your hands, consider joining the Volunteer Defense Force!

The City of Vatheon

☆ Residency

↪ ( Explanations of the residential areas are here; how they look, their location, what they provide, etc. Please refer to this post for details. )

☆ City Districts and Quadrants

↪ ( Explanations of the city's district areas and the quadrants are here; their characteristics, their location, what they provide, etc. Please refer to this post for details. )

☆ Map of Vatheon

↪ ( A map of Vatheon is shown here. Currently, there is no detailed map OOCly, but ICly it should be considered detailed enough for your character to find their way. One will be made at a later date. Please hang on until then. )

☆ The Island

As of late Year 2, an elevator was incorporated into Vatheon's city - this elevator leads to a mysterious island that characters are free to visit anytime they please. The Island remains an anomoly, although quite a few interesting locations and facts about it continue to spawn as time passes. The Island is also the only location within Vatheon that has ever-changing, natural weather.

☆ Notice Board

Vatheon has its very own notice board located directly in the high-traffic Plaza area - it's easily viewable by a mass amount of residents on a daily basis and is useful for businesses, announcements, and similar things. Feel free to make use of it!

Important Facts

☆ Lamufao

This large coral in the center of the city is actually the local deity. Some believe that the Lamufao is the thing that brought us here, but there are no sufficient facts to indicate so. The Lamufao possesses mysterious powers, such as healing and regeneration.

Should you feel lethargic, queasy, or a headache that simply will not heal, please approach the coral and touch it. You will be completely healed afterwards. Please do not try to delay this once you start to feel bad in any form. You may end up with a fever or may suddenly fall into a sleep coma. Contact with the coral is required at least once a month or you will be at risk of becoming seriously ill.

If you have a device from your world that uses electrical charges, you may bring your device near the Lamufao and it will then recharge. This regenerative power is believed to be the source of power of the barrier that surrounds, powers, and protects the city as well.

☆ Curse Weeks

Vatheon is relatively peaceful. The city doesn't have much turmoil unless a foreigner deems it so. However, every foreigner should be aware of the existence of curse periods. These curses cause different changes to people or to the city. They can last an entire week and they vary each time, so we cannot tell what will happen for each curse. It is highly recommended that everyone should always be careful and prepared before they even happen. If possible, please stay indoors at Sunday on midnights.

While some curses can be dangerous, some are relatively harmless and is simply an annoyance. Examples of the previous curses we've had from Year 1 are the following: the growth of animal ears or tails, a "mermaid zombie" invasion, and a "rubber duck" rainfall. There have been curses which affect bodies physically and mentally as well. As stated earlier, curses can either affect the foreigners themselves, the locals, or the entire city itself. Again, it is best to be prepared.

UPDATE: Around early February of Year 2, the curses' pattern has changed. They do not occur as often as before, but they still happen time to time. If there is going to be a curse, your mark will glow on Sunday at midnight. Keep an eye out for it and be careful!

☆ Locals

The locals are relatively harmless, ignoring questions and treating the foreigners nicely for the most part. They will not answer questions, but you can feel free to attempt asking them regardless. There are a few notable locals that should be considered when going about Vatheon, you may leave them a message if you wish. For the most part, they leave people alone. Please note that only the Station Master can operate the elevator up to the island, he will be happy to help you if you wish to visit it.

☆ Arrival, Leave, and Time

Vatheon does allow foreigners to leave. However, it is the same condition as having to arrive here. It is not by our choice. It should also be noted that there had been many cases of foreigners experiencing the "come and go." We are unsure of why or how this happens. But if a foreigner has been chosen to be sent out and back to Vatheon, it is not a guarantee that they will have the same memories from before. Therefore, there have been cases of people who have been here before but they do not remember anything of it.

Due to being in a different universe and dimension from other's own, Vatheon has a different time and date. As there are too many time differences, we decided to mark the time with years. The first recorded day that a foreigner arrived in Vatheon, we marked it as Year 1. As of February of Year 3, it has been two years since the first arrival.

With the awareness of time differences, a theory is created. Perhaps the reason why people cannot remember their first arrival here (if applicable) is that Vatheon may have pulled them from a point in time in which they have not yet found themselves here. Time paradoxes can also occur because of different time points from others. It is best to be aware, especially if you happen to see someone from your world here - do not be alarmed if they are from an earlier or later point in time than you are. This happens frequently and will cause no harm to your homeworld.

☆ History

If you are interested to find out details of past events, you may contact or personally speak to any of the members of the Welcoming Committee who have been in Vatheon for an extended period of time. If you would like further information, feel free to access the information database built by other foreigners via your SFC.

Seeking Help

☆ Welcoming Committee

A committee that has survived for quite some time now, it is focused on informing newcomers about what happened to them and helping them settle down. They are your sponsors for this brochure and the welcoming package. Please feel free to drop by the committee if you have further questions. We are located right at the plaza. You can't miss our sign!

We are always looking for volunteers. If you wish to become a Welcoming Committee Member, please consult any of our current members!

↪ ( The welcoming package includes: A clean towel, one small packet of tissues, a hand sanitizer, a packed lunchbox containing sandwiches, a bottled water, a hard copy of this brochure, and a hard copy map of Vatheon. )

☆ Getting Acquainted

↪ ( An explanation of the monthly mingle log and how your character might go about attending. Please refer to this post for details. )

☆ The Former Counseling Center

We would like to personally like thank the people behind the first version of Vatheon's brochure and our first map as well. It was what originally inspired this committee to form. They have done their share of assisting newcomers in the past.

February 17, Year 2: Akina Hiizumi, the president of the Counseling Center, has left Vatheon. Thank you for everything, Akina.

☆ ☆ ☆

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